Need for Speed: Undercover Reviewed @ Gameplayer

Gameplayer has gone live with the first online review of the latest release in the Need for Speed series. They award the game a 6.5, suggesting that it merely brings the series back to a level with Most Wanted from three years ago.

'Everything seems to work as it should – the racing is fast and frenetic; the sense of speed is swell and the cars look mostly rad. It ticks most of the boxes it ought to in order to get by. The biggest problem with Undercover, and it's a fundamental one, is that it's lazy."

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SlappingOysters3650d ago

Need for Speed can get bent: Midnight Club has my vote.

HardcoreGamer3650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

after all the hidden news , and hardly anythin to show till it got releaseed meant it was bag of bolshize from the start and they didnt want to lose pre orders etc.

im glad i didnt wait on this and iinstead i bought midnight club a few weeks back and love it. anyway will still be open minded and wait on the reviews from other places too , as we CANT just do a full decision on just one source

thematrix12983650d ago

That score is reasonable...nothing new. Midnight club was over hyped.

Egzekutor3650d ago

We'll see what score it gets from other sites...
its surprising

Yoma3650d ago

this is GOTY 2008 lol

Chrissy3650d ago

Ah what as shame. After Dead Space and Fifa 09 I had high expectations for this but I guess EA aint good enough to pull of an flawless year.

narked3650d ago

even if its nothing new, still has to be a good game if its like most wanted.

caliblue153650d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

Exactly. They bash the game for being like Most Wanted, but didn't everyone love Most Wanted? I have wanted the NFS series to intertwine NFS Underground 1&2 into Most Wanted as that would be the best in the series by far. By EA realizing they needed to go back to where Most Wanted was best and improve on it, add better cars, customization, more polygons, is the best thing for them. (They also point everything not in the game... um aren't you supposed to review what is in the game?)

begin rant/
I bet if Most Wanted had never come out, this would be an 8, but since we have all played it, they knocked the game down because it is a similar game. How about all the Rock Band's, Guitar Heros, they are just a rehash / end rant

narked3650d ago

indeed. what else could they possibly add to make it more interesting that has not been done before? make the honda asimo drivable?

the new multiplayer modes are good additions yeah? and i liked pro street, the idea of it is great also, was more limited but hey, it wasnt bad. if u get into customizing a car with heart you can really get a good fun out of the game.

i dont think it deserves less that a 7 at least.

SlappingOysters3650d ago

The review says that if you had not played an NFS in the last four years then you'll like it. But I think a 6.5 is a reasonable score for a game that just copy and pastes something three years old. It can't be an 8.

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The story is too old to be commented.