Xbox 360's Million-Sellers

After researching the million-selling games available for PlayStation 3, Ripten thought it only fair to follow that up with the Xbox 360's million-sellers. Listed here are all of the Xbox 360 games that have to date sold over one million copies worldwide, based on the latest and greatest information they had available. Likewise with the PS3 list, there are some games (like Madden 09) that Ripten could not find current numbers on, but we all know Madden 09 sold more than a million copies (EA says they sold 4.5 million) and would likely be higher on this list.

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Twizlex3654d ago

I was wondering when this was coming.

LOL at The Simpson's selling a million. Who buys this stuff?

Anon19743654d ago

Sure it wasn't great - but I had a blast with the last Simpson's game. The gameplay wasn't fantastic but it was more than made up for by the smart writing. A must play for every Simpsons fan. It made me laugh out loud on a few occasions. I mean, come on! You square off in a Dance, Dance Revolution contest against God.

prowiew3653d ago

Viva pinata is on that list. Thats awesome. Loved the game.

ambientFLIER3653d ago

Who bought the Simpsons game? Uh...Simpsons fans? Are you honestly surprised that the millions and millions of people who love that show bought the game?

3653d ago
Legion3653d ago

PS3 has been humbled by the might that is 360. Just goes to prove that 360 sells games. PS3 has yet to live up to its hype. It is nothing but a Bluray seller. I'm bored already... with B3yond.

kevnb3653d ago

its a budget title now, its funny, and is great co-op fun especially if your wife/girlfriend is normally a non-gamer but a Simpsons fan. GOTY? No, but fun yes.

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P4KY B3654d ago

I loved the game but I would never have guessed 4 million.

Twizlex3654d ago

Haha, I got pissed off at Assassin's Creed because I kept trying to grab ledges before I got the "ledge-grabbing gloves" and I eventually moved on to another game.

nice_cuppa3654d ago

47 million+ games !
Wow !
Give it a month and it will be over 50 easy !

die_fiend3654d ago

Yeah that's about 2.5 times as many as PS3 has. How can people even claim there's a console war between PS3 and 360? 360 = 20 mill ps3 = 15 mill install base...47 to 17 platinum games. An attach rate which is much higher...All the 360 needs is Metal Gear, tho can live without it...Killzone 2 looks good...LOOKS good mind, not is good. If it's like the first then Sony should flush it

Aclay3654d ago

You need to get your numbers right. The 360 is at around 22 million worldwide and the PS3 around the 17 million mark.

"All the 360 needs is Metal Gear"

The 360 needs more first party games, that's what it needs, not more Playstation franchise games that are still going to be on the PS3.

Twizlex3654d ago

While your numbers are more accurate, there is still a 5 million difference between them in your numbers and die_fiend's, so I don't see why it matters THAT much.

die_fiend3654d ago

Oh ok, least I got the 5 million gap correct so no matter. 360 doesn't need more first party games, Halo, Gears, Mass Effect, Fable, Ninja Gaiden 2 will all do fine thanks, since they're all AAA. No what it needs are the 'playstation franchises' (how are they playstation franchises? They're not made by Sony...) as quite a few of them are games I want, Devil may Cry, GTA 4 and FF13 would be a reason to get a PS3 but since they're coming to 360 I don't need 2. Y would I need more first party games when those third party games are essential? I'd rather have FF13 over most games. Also Microsoft profit majorly from having them as they all sell better on the 360 so those profits get passed on to us gamers...I didn't make a single penny? I don't normally expect to be paid for gaming, but Microsoft selling millions more is better for me as I own a 360 fool.

N4PS3G3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

@ aclayps3

i think you need to get your numbers right

may i ask

why is it that you use sony's sale numbers : ( 17 millions )

but you can't use Micosoft's sales number? ( near 25 millions )

Diamondwolf3654d ago

I think, I think...I's because Microsoft's last posted Sales number is 22 million.

Unless you can provide another link besides the one where they are SHOOTING for 25 million then it's 22 pimp. Me personally I say 23 but they posted 22

and if you are being accurate and technical, sony's last posted was like 16.7 or 16.8 but who likes to play with decimals.

N4PS3G3654d ago

" Xbox 360 poised to break 25 million barrier"

"by the end of this month we expect our global installed base to reach 25 million units, surpassing that of the first Xbox."

If you want to believe it or not ..then its up to you ..its not like they are shooting for 25 in 2009 ...its supposed to happend at the end of the month ...thats why i said NEAR 25 million

So if he believes sony's numbers..i find no reason for him not to post MS's numbers

so if they are hittin 25 this month ..i don't see a reason for the sales to be at 22 right now

Anon19743654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

How many million plus sellers did the 360 have at the end of year 2? If you answered right around 15-17, you'd be correct. Actually, that's a little better than the PS3 when you consider that at the end of 2 years the 360 had just over 13 million consoles where the PS3 has 17 million at the 2 year mark. I'd be curious to see how much software sales for the PS3 stack up in total vs the 360 at the end of it's 2nd year.

Edit. As for the sales numbers, MS is using their shipped numbers. They last reported 22 million, but consider last year they sold 1 million in November and seem on track to do slightly below that this year, plus they're shipping consoles to stores in preparation for December - so that 25 million figure is factoring in Nov and Dec sales already.

Sheddi3654d ago

360: 22*0,67 = 15 Million in 3 years (RROD).
PS3: 17 Million in 2 Years.
Ahhh now who's laughing, I can also play with numbers!

xhairs93653d ago

umm the number of software sold has absolutely nothing to do with AAA status.

Your comment is poor at best, your ideology is incredibly bogus as well. I actually chuckled when I found this because I was waiting for someone to claim all these games to be AAA, when in fact, they are NOT ALL AAA.

SaberEdge3653d ago

darkride66, you're full of it.

The Xbox 360 actually has 38 games on that list that were million+ sellers from its first two years.

So the 360 has had more than twice the number of million+ sellers in its first two years as the PS3 has had in its first two years. 38 vs 17. Count it up for yourself if you don't believe me. 38 of those games on the 360 list are from the 360's first two years.

kevnb3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

third party games aren't playstation brand games, nintendo is just not all that great at attracting third parties. Sony already knows they can't rely on third parties anymore, this is why they bought up so many studios.

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PimpHandHappy3654d ago

from what i hear it also plays good

btw i enjoyed KZ1 and for a PS2 it looked awesome.

anyway your comment is meant for openzone!

You know why you sound stupid?!?!? Because you didnt make a single penny on allllll those million selling games!

thenickel3654d ago

It's ok if you liked KZ1 but sorry that game was utter garbage in my opinion and didn't live up to any of the hype other then having a decent story.

PimpHandHappy3654d ago

there lies the problem


on its own merit it was one of the best FPS's on PS2! Why dont you try this

4get about the hype and just play games

thenickel3654d ago

I did play it although not the entire game to give a fair and honest opinion I guess. Hype killed Halo for me as well so your definitely right about that. Part 2 looks like a really good game and I'm actually looking forwrad to it.

kevnb3653d ago

but I hated it because it was complete trash. Killzone 2 looks to be really good though.

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