Announcements & Releases of 2009

The predictions for gaming in 2009. What will 09 hold for all the gamers out there?

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Tommo-AG3651d ago

Some good predictions there, interesting read.

Bodhi3651d ago (Edited 3650d ago )

This isn't really real news, more of speculation...

Oh well, honestly I'm going to buy Assassin's Creed 2 just for the storyline. The storyline is pretty damn awesome, it's like a 2012 conspirator's dream come true. (Not that I am one...)

CoD 6 has been announced in development.
Halo 3: Recon is coming out November 2009.
Killzone 2 is coming out February something 2009.
Street Fighter IV is coming out on February 20th 2009
Resident Evil 5 is coming out on March 24th 2009
GT5 might come out 2009 (I somehow doubt it)

I'd like to see a new Ghost Recon, just none of that Advanced
Warfighter nonsense.

Odd that there wasn't a Hitman 5... Oh well.
Splinter Cell Convictions better come out 2009.
Forza 3 is probably coming when GT5 is coming.
Alan Wake better come out 2009.
God of War III better come out 2009.
Infamous I'll give a rental in 2009, buy if I like.
I somehow doubt MAG will come out 2009.
Whatever Rare is working on better be out by 2009.

I'm not all that interested in Heavy Rain but that's coming out in 2009.

I don't know what else is coming out for 2009.

I just realized how easy this article can become "I can make a bigger speculation list than you!" and they'll go on and list every game they wish was going to come out.

Please people don't turn this into a list war here. It's going to end up something like this:


-announced sony game-
-announced sony game-
-announced sony game-
-announced sony game-
-announced sony game-
-fake game-
-more fake game-
-game that's multiplatform-

Please people don't do this. This happens every single time and it's annoying when people post about a said dev's game. Let them formally announce it first before you list war it. Please, it makes you look so stupid.

ThanatosDMC3650d ago

I want a modern version of Company of Heroes. But i guess it wouldnt be fair since US will just use their bombs to win and sweep with M1A2s.

yaboi3650d ago

the ghost recon guess comes out to be true
i miss graw 2.
and cod6 should be killer of course

Sarcasm3650d ago

From Sony I just want Killzone 2, God of War 3, WKC, Infamous and GT5.

Everything else will just be extras. (MAG, Agency, multiplatform games)

DeadlyFire3650d ago

I have a much better list on my attempt to start a community forum. Take a look. < Console games. < PC Games.

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Hellsvacancy3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

Hitman 5 where are u?

sinncross3651d ago

I wouldn't all these good predictions.. more like obvious.

Though I count out a few releases though such as AC2. Raymond is working on a new IP first.

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