IncGamers: Nippon Line 17/11

IncGamers' man in Japan, Jake Kawaguchi, delivers his latest report into the Japanese game industry. This week he looks at Gamecube remakes and why golf is better than racing cars in the future.

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Leord3651d ago

That is funny. I have never considered golf better than racing in video games before now =)

thetamer3651d ago

I love Nippon Line, it's a great place to get all your Japanese gaming news and kawaguchi is such a funny guy. Is he Japanese?

I don't know but I like Japanese.

martynmj3651d ago

Pit crew panic looks absolutely amazing!!

Dorjan3651d ago

Looks like Wipeout online was... wipedout!

AndyA3651d ago

Yup, very surprised about Wipeout.

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