PlayStation 3's Million-Sellers

After publishing a LittleBigPlanet story about sales numbers, in which Ripten mentioned the million-sellers for PS3 and Xbox 360, there have since been some ripples in the gaming community wondering what these million-selling games are. So Ripten used the various tools and information from NPD and sites like Chart-Track to compile this list of PS3 games with worldwide sales over one million units, as accurate as they could make it with the latest information.

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Twizlex3678d ago

Oh yeah, I remember someone saying there was only 13 million-sellers but this list shows 17.

The Matrix3678d ago

I was just waiting for a "Too bad the PS3 console isn't on that list." comment and I'm glad I didn't see one.

I'm still waiting for Heavenly Sword to drop down to 30...

dude_uk3678d ago

Anybody notice that GT5:Prologue is at 2.2 million????

that's crazy a "demo" selling that much O_O

CrazyMystical3678d ago

thats my exact thought if PRo can do that dam well just wait for the final version

earwax3678d ago

17 vs 47? WEAK almost 3 times as many million sellers on the 360

Bodhi3678d ago

Apparently in the comments in this article, the author is now making a 360 list to shut some fanboys up.

Why is Smackdown Vs. Raw 2008 up there?

BWS19823677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

go get a q tip and then take a marketing class.

LethalToxins3677d ago

Actually, I think you just owned yourself. 17 * 2 = 34. 17 * 3 = 51. So, it is 'almost three times as many', as he said.

BWS19823677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

because I knew it would be taken wrong, but I wasn't talking about 17 vs. 47 (my old comment for those who don't know was math not marketing) assume my math comment was at his comment of rudimentary multiplication, and I never said that. My comment is at the big picture, which involves math and marketing and business mechanics and timing. I said more about it below in another comment. Nobody is owning anybody, don't assume, earwax needs to think about things before saying that "5 is bigger than 3, so the earth is round" Things are not what they seem all the time. If one actually breaks things down, apples have to be compared to apples, not poptarts. In other words, comparing the two sales numbers for software is like trying to find the last digit in pi, it's arbitrary really.

Edit: to add, I'd like to state that I'm glad the 360 has the install base and all, it's good for the industry, and I plan on getting one myself in time (honestly). It was nice for Sony to take over from Nintendo 12 years ago (sort of), and now that MS has the torch (sort of), it has things mixed up and all companies on their toes so they don't let their guards down and drop to mediocrity. (I'm saying MS has the torch because it's almost as if Wii sat this one out in the hardcore game because of 3rd party support and demographic, even though there's a good handful of 1st party titles there and some others, the multiplats almost went the way of TRex.)

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Silogon3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

This list is wrong... Mercs 2 also sold a million and so did madden 09. I can also trudge up a list of about 4 others I know of too.

Also Warhawk is at nearly 850,000 units sold too. That means it'll be at about 1 million by march. But even still that list has all the games that matter really.

Ratchet and Clank was brilliant and deserved to sell as well as it did and it's still selling. Uncharted is absolutley incredible and with the bundle it'll sell 3 million easily. Folklore should've been on the list but people are idiots... Siren too. Also many of their games are sitting on 800,000 to 900,000 marks... Oblivion for one.

Twizlex3678d ago

They mentioned Madden in the article, they just didn't have current numbers.

kevnb3678d ago

that's craziness, completely mad.

xhairs93678d ago

Siren wasn't that great, but with what he said I think he should recheck his numbers.

Using wikipedia for a journalist is horrible anyways. Just like in college you can't reference wikipedia as a source for an official paper, it's not credible because of the fact that people can change.

However I do believe the numbers to be pretty believable, you still can't use wikipedia.

Tyris Flare3678d ago

Madden 09 sold 870k on Playstation 3 to date.

Tyris Flare3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Merc 2 sold 340k world wide on Playstation 3. In the end, PS3 is only about 5 million units behind Xbox 360 but the Xbox 360 has 30 more games that have sold over a million units. That's a pretty big number. Xbox 360 owners are just a more active group.

Twizlex3678d ago

xhairs9, when did he say anything about using wikipedia?

and Tyris Flare, I don't think 360 owners are more active, they just buy more games. Maybe that's because they can afford more since the console is so cheap, lol.

earwax3678d ago

Is that One MILLION? no so don't pad the numbers

earwax3678d ago

800,000 to 900,000 mark....AGAIN..... THAT is NOT 1 million and Unfarted was OVER RATED. That game was short and not even fun until the next to the last board, Viva Pinita sold more copys then Uncharted.

xhairs93678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Since you can't read, I pulled this from the source itself, "...but Wikipedia lists total sales across all platforms at 4.5 million, so one could assume it sold at least a million on PS3." - Ripten.

@Earwax --
I can understand if you don't like uncharted, but what does a board have to do with uncharted? That's when I realized, you have no idea what you're talking about and obviously have never played the game before. Try again.

PAPERCHASER03963678d ago

An old rap song but very true.... microsoft relies heavily on its install base and advertising hype to sell most of their games with a limited number of true hard hitters they rely solely upon hype to sell.Lets not get it twisted the 360 has some great games but microsoft uses this tactic to appeal to it's install base which has a large number of kids. The Sony approach has always been me with obstacles because of their lack of hype and advertising, usually gamers who have no real knowledge of a game that is coming out hypes it up. Some people ask why does sells matter to you the consumer?... well sells equal support!! for a product you own.. remember the xbox? Sony continues to look into the future the question where will you be?

Twizlex3677d ago


Yeah, they used wikipedia since they didn't have the actual numbers for Madden, but as you could see if you actually paid attention, Madden is not on the list. They were saying "it might be on the list but we don't know for sure" but it is not currently on the list of million-sellers so I'm not sure what you're bítching about. They DIDN'T use wikipedia for the list.

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jkhan3678d ago

Well there are 7 exclusives in that list, so thats encouraging.

Twizlex3678d ago

Where's the 360 list, still in the works?

timmyrulz3678d ago

They tried to do a 360 list but ran out of pages on their website :)

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3678d ago

Resistance 2
MotorStorm 2:Pacific Rift
KillZone 2
God Of War 3
White Knight Chronicles
Uncharted 2
Heavy Rain
FF 13 Versus
etc etc...
I LOVE MY PS3!!!;)

Twizlex3678d ago

LOL, there it is. It just went up on their site. Why didn't they wait and just publish both at the same time?

earwax3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

You may as well add Left 4 dead to the 360 million seller now. Oh, and that would be 48 million sellers vs the PS3's WEAK A$$ 17

BTW it took Unfarted forever to sell 1 million and MotorStorm only sold because it was a Throw in game.

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pp3678d ago

Xbox360 doesn't need to prove its Numbers each game on Xbox360 is Guaranteed to sell above Millions.

PirateThom3678d ago

Yeah, like those exclusive JRPGs... any of them broke 1 million yet?

Kush_Reaper3678d ago

You really are a pathetic soul. Hey for real dude can you please tell me how old you are? Every comment you make is a negative one. Yeah we know you love your belovered console and micro$hafts special lube up your..... but dont brag about stupid things that are no relevant.

Its nice to know every game that comes out on the 360 automatically justifies it as a AAA title. Hope it makes you sleep soundly at night.


Egzekutor3678d ago

Why do you all 360 fanboys talk like the money is going in to your pocket ??

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