A Vampyre Story Demo Released

Today marks the first release of "A Vampyre Story" in it's first territory. To mark the occassion, an official demo has been released, to allow everyone to get a sneak peek of the game.

In the demo, Mona and Froderick are in trouble: They are on the Vlad's Landing Graveyard and Picknick Grounds, looking for Mona's grave, in order to retreive some grave dirt that Mona needs to put in her coffin for travelling.

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rgraves13443d ago

the demo is not out, its coming at the end of the month. dont mislead

NewYork2143443d ago

it says the game comes out the 24th not teh demo. but i cant find the demo either so maybe your right.

snp3443d ago

The demo's out. I liked it, but be warned it's more a teaser than a real demo. Is just one scene/situation to play through with a couple of cut scenes on either side. Only takes five minutes - if that.

rgraves13443d ago

your right but the demo is so short,it may as well not be out.

haruvister3443d ago

Been looking forward to this for ages. The voice acting's horrible, but the game seems pretty fun.