KOTOR MMO is "overwhelming," says Lucas boss, but the opportunity is "huge"

LucasArts online boss Tom Nichols has told VG247 that the prospect of bringing Star Wars: The Old Republic to market is "overwhelming" at times, but that the triumvirate of EA, LucasArts and BioWare is big enough to successfully release such a high profile MMO.

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Jotenks3678d ago

Certainly looking forward to the MMO Title. Honestly I have high hopes for bioware. After my Never Winter Nights and Never Winter Nights 2 Experience I can say that they have a lot of trust from me at this time. Hopefully they won't drop the ball.

Tomdc3678d ago

making any MMO is certainly a daunting experiance.

I think it's really stupid though the are showing stuff so early! It's going to be ages till it comes out!

Jotenks3678d ago

Agreed, granted this may just be the blue prints for it such as what people do for a theater project. Making 3D renderings and what not. It may not be set in stone but it at least gives them a layout of where they wish to start at.

Perjoss3678d ago

Hopefully Lucasarts have very little do with the making of this, I cant remember the last good game they made, Jedi Outcast was it? Farce Unleashed on the other hand... what a steaming turd.