PLAYSTATION3 Blu-ray Bundles Ship to Stores

Alongside the recent LittleBigPlanet and stand-alone 80GB model bundles, the new packs contain an 80GB PLAYSTATION3 Console (including one DUALSHOCK3 Controller), a Blu-ray Remote and either I Am Legend or 300 on Blu-ray Disc, with a Recommended Retail Price of £299...

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Silogon3627d ago

That sure goes along way in seperating "it's a games machine" from "it's blu-ray player" no wait... "it's a multimedia set top box"

Consumers have no need to be confused now. /end sarcasim.

thebudgetgamer3627d ago

and all the awesome games yea dam sony dam them to hell


Jamie Foxx3627d ago (Edited 3627d ago )

the ps3 to all different crowds and not just pigeon hole the ps3 as a 'games machine' whats wrong with that? its a smart move to get into people houses its a strategy that worked with ps2,that was my first dvd player!

you just seem to complain about everything i suggest you start doing charity work or something worthwhile & rewarding,this pent up rage you have over a electrical devices is unhealthy

yoghurt3627d ago

Thing is you can be sure you'll see these bundles, bundled with an extra game by the retailer, that will make this a great package.

Ive seen yesterday 80gb ps3 with dualshock + dead space + motorstorm 2 for £299, that is a great package.

The Matrix3627d ago

300 one of the best movies ever made.

ultimolu3627d ago

300 rocks.
I need to see it again. I saw that at the movies and it was kick ass. If I had money to spare, I'd buy an extra PS3 for my uncle. :3

hardmetal3627d ago

I'm still waiting for the Dark Knight bundle. It must be true.
It must be

she00win993627d ago

they should bundle dark knight, it will definitely help the sales of ps3 this holiday..

Jotenks3627d ago

All these bundles kind of makes me wish that I held out a bit longer before buying, but oh well at least I have the system. Seriously their are some great deals coming out this holiday season.

sinncross3627d ago

Sony really needed another bundle which included The Dark Knight blu ray and Lego Batman.

But the 300 bundle is really awesome.. i dont know about I am Legend...

Also, when the new bond film gets released Sony should work on a bundle with that blu ray and the game in one.

Karum3627d ago

Maybe they'll put out a Dark Knight bundle when the movie is actually released ever think of that?

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The story is too old to be commented.