Blizzard: We can be immune to failing economy

MMORPGs like World of Warcraft can be immune to the economic downturn because of the high value they offer compared to other forms of entertainment, Blizzard has said.

Speaking to hours before the midnight launch of expansion Wrath of the Lich King at HMV Oxford Street last week, Blizzard executive Paul Sams said the MMO genre has the "opportunity to be touched less" than rival entertainment, like film, as long as the product is "priced fairly".

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The Matrix3678d ago

Easy to say when you have more money than Bill Gates.

Jotenks3678d ago

With the install base continuing to grow I'm sure they will be immune to it for some time. Especially with new expansions and the likes.

shawnsl653678d ago

course they're immune.. they have some kind of mind controlling message in their games ~.~. WoW ruined part of my life, glad i quit. Ran back to WC3 DotA though. =.=

zagibu3678d ago

Well, at least WC3 DotA doesn't cost you 15$/month.

shawnsl653678d ago

indeed, thank goodness that it doesn't

FantasyStar3678d ago

If Microsoft can feel it, then Blizzard will feel it. I'm calling it. Typical PR-BS.

Quickstrike3678d ago

If you ask me Blizzard should be running the world right now.