VideoGamer: Red Faction: Guerrilla Hands-On

A tragedy has just taken place. A man lies face down on the floor. His skull has been smashed in. Blood is spewing across the Martian sands, flowing over bone fragments and lumps of brain-flesh. You are standing nearby, weeping. In your hands is a sledgehammer, covered in the remains of your sibling's face.

"I didn't mean to!" you cry. "I was just testing out the controls!". But the game will not listen. It has already passed judgement. Within seconds a large box has appeared on screen, delivering its damming verdict: "WTF? You killed your brother!!!"

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anh_duong3678d ago

"February; if Gorilla put as much thought and effort into the single player campaign as they did with multiplayer, this title is going to be a blockbuster. "

can someone do this reviewer a favour and tell him thet the developer's name is not "Gorilla".

why are there so many chimps in the games industry today.

thor3678d ago

I loved the original Red Faction, 2nd one had better MP _modes_ but worse destructibility (odd that). This one sounds like it's going to be worth picking up.

AAACE53678d ago

I was gonna ask, "With all the great shooter games that have come out, is anyone still interested in a Red Faction game?".... But I guess there are still a few who do.

Hope it's as good as you want it to be!

thewhoopimen3678d ago (Edited 3678d ago )

Hey thor remember what I said about how Red Faction's destructability while more comprehensive was more last gen? Remember when you argued in the KZ2 destructable thread about how limited it was? Look at the screenshots of this RedFaction. Whoop-di-doo we've got lego parts flying everywhere.

Lot of rectangles...planks, bricks, sticks, and boards. I hope you understand now why KZ2's destructability is more impressive in scope even though more limited in availability.

Socomer 19793678d ago

I used to consider red faction 1 & 2 better than the half life series. Back then, me and my brother would play split screen. We love the geo mod engine so much that & dont laugh... we would use cardboard & seperate the television into halves for the split-screen. then we would use a blanket to cover us to make us feel we was playing alone against eachother. It was great! Quite rewarding when you would use a rocket launcher to burrow a tunnel & camp while searching the acrchitecture with the eraser sniper rifle that can see through walls.

i believed volition ruined red faction with the 3rd person choice for & open world mercenary 2 style gameplay. time will tell if its the best choice because I will play it but my expectations are very low. If anything, I hope its a good tech demo of explosives. I just havent seen any video of terrain deformation or destruction as deep as red faction 1. Even with todays games, red faction 1 owned. plus, who could ever forget that pistol?

Nikkelz3678d ago

man i feel you,im from the hood,we played every multiplayer game like that

lol good times

peace and game on