To Ars Technica: Tell The Entire NPD Story

There is a sense of seriousness in this one, and a sense of us being the smart-asses that we usually are, because the story that Ars Technica ran yesterday about the NPD sales and saying that the 360 is a developer's "best bet" might have enough comedy to laugh at them and make smarmy comments about them so people can laugh at them and we get accused of bias (yes, we know we'll HEAR it again when people read this). However, at the same time, there is a level of seriousness once you think about how dangerous this type of claim can really be. Regardless of if you agree with it or not, and regardless of what horse you have put your money on in this race, you just don't MAKE that type of headline in a NEWS story, regardless of which platform you're talking about.

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power of Green 3620d ago

Don't read Ars Technica they're bad for your mental health.

What the hell does the header even mean?

One company will do better there is nothing wrong with pointing that out.

JD_Shadow3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

It's dangerous because they never say it's just someone's opinion, but something that is given off as fact without them bringing up other factors, such as the person's gaming situation and what they believe about a game's availability, that usually makes a HUGE difference in how the sales end up going, and Ars didn't care (or forgot to add that into their studies).

They should've never phrased the things in question the way they did, bottom line.

gametheory3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

You must think that Beyond3D and all other highly technical websites are also bad for your health, and that reading books, encyclopedias, watching documentaries and other sources of knowledge is "bad for your health".

Now I see why you're an Xbox fanboy, and why the attach rates are so damned high.

Socom3620d ago

are firmly backing the PS3 and saying that the PS3 will win this console war?

How do you explain then rofl.

All 3rd party developers make more income on PS3 than on 360. Thats why they loving PS3 long time. That, and the fact that they do some crystal ball predictions themselves, have made them firm PS3 supporters.

tohuman3620d ago

this story was put up by darkpower a ps3 fanboy and if you read this post put up you will see it's very opinionated and doesn't have any reasonably counter points to ars techinas story.
ps. listen to the warzone and read his stories to see what a douchebag fanboy this kid is.

Socom3620d ago

I didnt listen to the ars technica review, hell I didnt even read all of it. Just the first few lines and I already knew that is was BULL.

I think Im going to listen to this article however. Haha what you gonna do about it.

JD_Shadow3618d ago

1. If you had read the article, you would've seen how much your points mean nothing (not like you HAD any to begin with).
2. Why is it that when you try to discredit me at all, you reference back to the SAME DAMN THINGS, as if that was the only thing you had. You reference to the Warzone, which has some weird obsession with talking about me every single damn show because their site cannot take a few criticisms from anyone. If the only comebacks you have are "BUT, BUT LOOK AT HIS YOUTUBES! LISTEN TO WHO I TELL YOU TO!" then you really had nothing on the actual issues that you could try to dispute.

bneals3620d ago

You make it sound like they weren't telling the truth about the numbers. For that, you are wrong. The numbers are the numbers. The numbers don't lie. The numbers suggest that the 360's third party titles have simply sold better than similar titles on the other consoles. That is simply true. What you could attack is the conclusion that they drew from the numbers. You could say that this is unfair because the 360 had a year head start or MS has better marketing. Those theories attack the conclusion that is drawn, not the numbers.

JD_Shadow3620d ago

It never says that the numbers were in any way wrong, but they don't tell alot of things that could make a difference in how the sales went the way they did (like situational reasons that have nothing to do with quality). There's a difference.

DJ3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

On "Top Ten" sellers rather than Cumulative sales. It's great if one of your games is on the "Top Ten" list, but if your other 9 or 10 titles are barely hitting to 100K mark then it makes little difference to your bottom line.

All of the major publishers have stated that they made most of their money on the PS3 this year, which is an incredible piece of information. It means that while 360 has a larger install base, a lot of 360 owners have actually abandoned their systems in favor of other consoles. And most companies are now lead-developing on the PS3 instead of the 360. What does that tell you?

kewlkat0073620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

"All of the major publishers have stated that they made most of their money on the PS3 this year, which is an incredible piece of information. It means that while 360 has a larger install base, a lot of 360 owners have actually abandoned their systems in favor of other consoles."

Where do you come up with that stuff..

I'm very hard-pressed to believe developers ar emaking more money off the PS3 and 360 gamers are abandoning their consoles for others.

Whn you look at the the FACTS don't stack up. All you have to do is look at the games and sales.

DJ3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

And yes, they are the top publishers in terms of volume. Activision-Blizzard hasn't reported anything regarding this trend, however.

Aquanox3620d ago

This must have been written by a 11 year old PS fanboy.

Arstechnica's article was pretty clear: The Xbox 360 is selling much, much more 3rd party software than any other console. Yes it has a much bigger fanbase than Sony but as the time of writting, that's the reality of the market. Not that Sony is catching up fast by the way.

These guys (in the fanboyish article) says that Sony is doing a "great job" catching up in the US. It seems that they haven't watched the latest NPD data where the Xbox 360 has already outsold this year's PS3 sales and is poised to out do October's performance with Gears of War 2.

In short, this article is rubbish.

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