Local Retailers Biased Against PlayStation?

Ripten writes:

"Having not ever been an owner of a PS3 or PSP, I wasn't aware of the bias that retailers are showing towards the "black" console. One of the guys that I work with is a huge PlayStation fan. Not a fanboy, mind you, but a normal person who happens to like the PS3 over the 360.

I've heard him talk about it before, but I've always passed it off as simple bad customer service or people just being overly hyped about a 360 game over the PlayStation ones, but after "Emergence Day 2?, I was shocked and appalled at the level of anti-PS3 sentiment he had to deal with."

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Twizlex3653d ago

Oh my. I never knew it was THAT bad. Is it like this everywhere? I'm sure it's not like this in Japan at least, lol.

n4gzz3653d ago

The local gamestop that I go to, they don't act like that. In fact they are very encouraging to sell games for any consoles. Of course, they usually have all 360 games poster on windows and wall but employees are somewhat decent gamers.
I still hate gamestop for their used game sell policy. I shop their only when I pre-order game for special bonus.

Twizlex3653d ago

Yeah, I don't really know how games stores are any more since I stopped going a few years ago. I rent most of my games and anything I buy I usually get online.

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Twizlex3653d ago

Can't afford it? The U.S. has the third-highest per capita income in the world.

BobDog3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

twiz are u talking about gdp?

in aus the bias towards the 360 was extreme verging on ridiculous, but now days (the past year) it is not so bad and the bias is slowly getting less

but alot of consumers are still uneducated, to say.

Twizlex3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

No, I'm talking about average income. GDP has nothing to do with how much money people actually make, but the U.S. is still 6th in GDP per capita and well ahead of the UK and Japan. Either way, saying Americans can't afford it is ridiculous since on both fronts they are "richer" than wherever the f*ck sushipoop is comparing them to.

PoSTedUP3653d ago

most people are biased against the ps3, it still aint gunna stop sony man they ready for war.

Bangladesh3653d ago

I would chalk it up to the fact that more 360 games are sold than PS3 games, not some ridiculous fanboy conspiracy. If the shop owner had told the guy to get out of his store when this person asked for a PS3 game then maybe yes. Or if there was a sign over the PS3 games that read "FOREIGN"(like alot of japanese shops do 360 games) then maybe. But cooking up a conspiracy theory just because some shop owner walked to the 360 case so many times that day that he made a mental error is pretty lame.

dragunrising3653d ago

Your anti/hate message has been reported as offensive.

On topic: I think you find bias regardless of what shop you go to. Perhaps Gamestop is biased against PS3, however is this always the case? No. The reason there are greater numbers of Xbox posters for games is that Microsoft throws more money into advertising. Personally, I would like to see more advertising for the Wii and PS3. You never know...I might have purchased Call of Duty 5 for Wii if I saw a commercial for it. jk

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spectyre3653d ago

I believe that Gamestop does midnight releases on a pre-order basis. As far as MGS4, I got my copy @ midnight launch from Gamestop.

hay3653d ago

I'm glad that people working in shops where I live are more helpful and unbiased. But on the other side piracy rate is high as hell here so either way most people buy X360 to mod it and download games.
Either way it's a shame that people are THAT biased.

Emmo3653d ago

This is pretty much just PS3 owners moaning again.

The 360 sells more sortware, and it is an easier sell for the sales staff due to the lower price and bigger games library.

It's very basic stuff really.

lordgodalming3653d ago

My local Best Buy is pretty bad about this too. I went there when Little Big Planet preorders started, and the game section guy at my Best Buy asked if he could help me. I told him what I wanted and he said, "Oh," and walked away. Didn't even point out the shelf to me. Luckily I knew where I was going. When I picked up my copy of LBP, he was there again, wanting to know if I needed help. I told him I had what I wanted, and he got annoyed again. He made some comment about how Sony screwed up the release of that game and again just walked away.

On the other hand, the guys in the TV section at the same Best Buy LOVE the PS3 and frequently recommend it as the best Bluray player. But at that particular store, I have heard more than one salesperson trying to sell a 360 to a family wanting a console, but I've never heard them push a Wii or PS3 (honestly, I've heard them bash the Wii even harder than the PS3). Whatever happened to the rule that a good sales person lets the customer sell himself on what he already wants?

SL1M DADDY3653d ago

Taking any gaming advice from a store clerk that makes less than 8 bucks an hour here in the States. Sorry, but I tend to make up my own mind and if some idiot behind the counter thinks he has any say in what I play or what console I like more he/she is sadly mistaken. If the store does not support my console or game of choice, I go elsewhere. I know not everybody has that luxury but I do and I take it.

SonyOwnsNextYear3653d ago

LOL, when the ps3 first came out i went to pick it up at gamestop (preorder).

so i go in with about 1100 in cash, and start buying games and another controller.
When the guy rings everything up, he says to me " you sure you dont want a 360 instead, you can get more games on 360?" that pissed me off, So i say, "i dont want that Piece of sh1t, if i wanted to buy garbage, id go to the local dump and pick up garbage for free".

The look on this fanboys face was priceless. i crushed every dream he had.

he then tried to push the warranty on me,LOL saying that the ps3 is known to break...... to which i said " hell no, maybe if i was buying the 360 i would buy that warranty, since its known to break". he stood there, owned again.

Im not gonna lie, they still mess around with ps3 sales. Like when a ps3 game comes in, theyll tell you "NO we dont have it". then When i go to the store, and the game is on the wass mad funny.
they recognized my voice, and just stood there OWNED, as i bought it.

The worst is when the 30 year olds act like fanboys.

GAMESTOP superL33t fanboyz are funny

acedoh3653d ago

Last year there was a a lot more pro 360 sentiment and the PS3 wasn't winning over a lot of people with it's $600 price tag and few games. This year most stores I go into are good about being gamers. I have actually found a lot of PS3 owners working at the game stores. This weekend I probably found the most negative encounter I have seen in a while. I was at a large electronics retailer that just announced bankruptcy. A woman asked an assistant if they had PS3's that were compatible with PS2 games. The guy said no and finished by saying SONY really screwed up and Microsoft was good for making the 360 backwards compatible. Then I realize that people who come into retailers looking for help may get the same thing everytime they want a PS3... This does go on and I have seen it.

Emmo3653d ago


I don't get your point, the woman asked for a PS3 compatible with PS2 games.

The sales person told her the truth.

I understand PS3 owners frustrations, but on the occasion you mention, he did his job, nothing more.

prowiew3653d ago

This article was kind of funny. Is like his friend was almost crying because he was not treated well in a game store. WTF. Some people take this way to seriously.

makingdamage3653d ago

I was trying to play little big planet in any store (in Stockholm, Sweden) last week but everywhere I went the ps3 in the store were turned of.
One of the biggest (i think) retailers in Stockholm I visited was Webhallen and they got 12-14 360´s running, 3 or 4 ps3 of which none were running (when I visited) and 0 wii.

I find it strange that it should be so hard to try out some ps3 games in a store.

mint royale3653d ago

but who cares, its still killing in sales.

Does this news really affect your life in any way?

If favouritism of a console by people at a shop matters to you then I think you need to re-assess what exactly should matter to you in life.

Its not as if they don't sell the games is it?

lordgodalming3652d ago

You're right that gamers shouldn't worry about minimum wage stockboys hating their system. However, the problem is that treating customers better or worse depending on whether YOU like what they're buying or not is just hideously unprofessional. It's also further evidence of the problematic trend toward divisiveness in our culture.

zypher3652d ago

well, i have run into my share of fanboy employees at GameStop, and i have had a few shoddy experiences at a GameStore that shall remain nameless, but in the case of midnight releases i believe it just comes down to economics. reservations determine whether or not a game has a midnight launch at GameStop, and since 360 games usually command more reserves (even over the Wii), 360 games are more likely to have a midnight launch.

still, i do detect a hint of biasness at GameStop in particular. 360 in general is more heavily advertised there than PS3, and their clerks usually reserve my multiplatform games for the 360 before even asking me "For which system?".

f7897903652d ago

People run the store and some are gamers that are fanboys.

season0073652d ago

What about most gamestops I've been to have NEVER had a single PS3 that is on a game demonstration or a working controller to navigate the console for a bit?

Seriously, 80% of the time the PS3 is just turned off and i seldom see it up and running...and 20% of the time when its up?

Hmm, i see the XMB, nothing more, nothing less, coz its either the controllers AREN'T working at all or there is nothing installed on the PS3 for display...

screw fanboys...

Argento-Nox3652d ago

Well, the EB games (basically, our version of game stop here in Canada) has mainly 360 and Wii supporters as associates. The numbers have even out a bit since my brother started working there.

Even though my brother is a PS3 supporter, he's unbiased in the way he sell's all systems, he will give out info on whatever systems the customer is interested and let them decide on their own. One of the other guys he works with, switched his allegiance to PS3 and Wii after getting 4 RROD's for his 360.

You know what's true irony, my brother is good friends with the guys from the Sony store in the mall (scored us some free pre-sceener tickets for 007 Quantum of Solace), and they have a lot of 360 guy's at that store.

As a former Futureshop employee, I can tell from experiences that there is a bias towards the PS3, mainly b/c a lot of the associates I worked with were 360 owners. It's particularly funny now when I go in to visit some old friends who still work there in the entertainment and home theatre departments, b/c they now use the PS3's blu-ray to sell more of their HD products (TV's and movies).

vizigoth3652d ago

I dislike going to the GameStop since it changed form Electronic Boutique. The atmosphere has changed to the point to where I usually get a negative comment when I buy a PS3 title. So I hate going there. I do go to Wal-Mart but there are always so busy and then you have the kids with spaghetti sauce still on their face banging on the glass at the Wii game. I actually went to Target and got 3/4 of the way to the electronic section and an employee popped out and actually asked if I needed help. Told him I wanted to purchase Resistance 2. (He has to ask me which system). But other than that he wasn't biased on my purchase and will more often receive by business.

Lifendz3652d ago

seriously, I'm in the clear minority of my friends by owning a PS3. Not that they're biased against the system; they're just plain ignorant of it. Some still think that PSN is what it was when the system launched.

And going to retailers can be a pain. Granted, I don't take crap like that from some kid getting minimum wage to provide customer service. Not that I'm some tough guy or something, I'm just not adverse to letting someone know what they're job is and that I'm a customer.

Devs, retailers, and the crazed fanboys all amount to PS3 owners have a special bond of sorts.

PS3 owners unite. They will envy us when KZ2 and God of War 3 drop! We'll laugh at them for paying 50 plus a year to enjoy all the services we receive for free!!

Now lets all go back to playing the games we enjoy.

PSN: Lifendz

Yipee Bog3652d ago

I live in Ohio. I wanted to go to the midnight release of Resistance 2. So I called the local Electronics store (BestBuy) and they informed me that there was only one midnight release for the game in the entire state. ONE! However, they also informed me that Gears 2 was to be a midnight release. Aint that a b!tch. I think the two major consoles should each get their fair treatment, not just with midnight releases, but also marketing.

jadenkorri3652d ago

i literally just came back from EB/GS and was commenting on how epic failure Fable 2 was and was like i bought a 360 for this, was not happy at all, i went there not to complain but to trade in Army of Two and Dark Sector for PS3, and he had the nerve to say that the 360 has lots of games and i should of gotten the games for the 360.. I was appalled at what he said...Its only us ps3 owners that take this crap almost every time, when i walk in for my preorder, Ive always gotten the 360 version handed to me 9 times out of 10, and im not kidding...I had someone literally ask me when i picked up Metal Gear Solid 4, is that for 360 or PS3..that stunned me, but i muttered ps3, i really should of said 360, he prob would of spent some good time looking for it until asking a manger and feeling stupid.... I am thou actually sick of it, yes now i have a 360, but im buying primarily for my ps3 cause i now have only a silver membership, which is free and you guessed it, no online....Ive stopped shopping at some stores cause of this problem, retailers have been like struck by the light of MS, that the 360 is god and it'll win....Im sure if another company did what MS did, they would have gone out of business....

MNicholas3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

These are the same ones pushing plasma over lcd when consumers standing in front of these sitting side-by-side can see that in normal lighting the LCD is vastly superior. These are the same morons who promoted HD-DVD. What holds these people together is their irrational disdain for the Sony brand and any technology backed by Sony.

So far we've seen LCD triumph over Plasma (as it should, being a superior consumer product), Blu-Ray triumph over HD-DVD, and until the 360 dropped to $199, we saw the PS3 triumph over the 360, outselling it month after month by 35%!

In fact, it can be argued that despite the 360 outselling the PS3 after the price-drop, that the PS3 is beating it. At two years old, the 360 had sold 13M, while the PS3, in it's first two years, has sold over 16M, despite the far higher price-points.

The $199 price-point is when console sales are supposed to take off. So far we have not seen the 360 dominate the market-place. In fact, it's still far behind the Wii, which costs $249.

In essence, the 360 is failing. At half the price, the 360 should be outselling the $400 PS3 by a massive margin yet PS3 sales are only 17% behind.

So despite all those ignorant salespeople and the bargain basement price the 360 is struggling to overcome the lack of genuine widespread consumer enthusiasm for the platform.

Emmo3652d ago


You talk utter, utter rubbish.

It sounds to me that you are trying to convince yourself that you have bought better tech by buying an LCD, you have not. A good plasma TV beats LCD hands down everytime.

360 is a failure, hmm, with the 360 increasing it's lead over the PS3 what does that make Sonys baby.

Good god, PS3 owners really are the biggest bunch of wingers I have ever heard, next you'll be starting a thread " mum next doors kids will not play with me"

Bangladesh3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

PS3 fanboys certainly seem to be the crybabies of the console war. You run across a whiny 15 year old occasionly on Live, come to N4G and you run across whiny 20-30 year old Sony fanboys non-stop til' you leave.

Yipee Bog3651d ago

Xbox live you are on on but every game I play COD4, there is a 14 yr old brat blaring his rap music, and trying to curse like a big boy. Everyone is a cry baby when they don't get their way.

MNicholas3651d ago (Edited 3651d ago )

In typical tv watching conditions the LCD blows away the plasma. Simply physics. The LCD is brighter and better competes with ambient light while the Plasma, being less bright (in part due to the tinted glass to artificially increase black levels), and having high internal reflection, of external light sources and ambient light, looks washed out.

The latest LCD's have surpassed all but the most expensive plasmas in all but the darkest viewing conditions by a significant margin but even 2 years ago an XBR2 was significantly superior to Pioneers best in typical viewing conditions. It was simply a sharper and clearer picture.

LCD's are also vastly more reliable, lighter, and less fragile. To sum it up, LCD's are much better for consumers. Plasmas are great for the TV repair industry.

As for the Xbox360, at $199 it's the lowest priced hardware yet it hasn't taken off in sales. This is a clear indication that the price drop did nothing to increase actual demand for the product. Think about the following ...

When the PS3 was $400 and the 360 was $300, the PS3 outsold the 360 by 35% this year.

After the 360 dropped to $200 (half the price of the PS3!) it is only outselling the PS3 by about 20%.

So given the above two facts, ask yourself this question: If the 360 was the same price as the PS3, which would win in sales?

The answer to that question is also the answer to the question of which consoles is preferred by consumers.

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CrippleH3653d ago

It all depends on your location and what's hot in your area mostly.

Hell if I was one of their salesman I wouldn't bash anything. I would just recommend games.

PirateThom3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

I've found the same thing in stores over here, I don't think it's company policy, but I'm certain employees must be getting higher bonuses on 360 sales than PS3 or Wii.

There's been a few times I've just been in stores and had to correct employees who have essentially been telling "extended truths" to customers to try to make customers buy a 360 over a PS3 rather than asking the customer what they want and advising them of the right product for them, rather than the one that gets them the most money.

el_bandito3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

This is not good. I have read one article too claiming that stores like Gamestop hire teens who apparently are hardcore "360 Fanboys". These salesmen do their best to persuade ignorant customers to get the 360.

On why they are bent on doing these is beyond reason.

P4KY B3653d ago

el_bandito:-"These salesmen do their best to persuade ignorant customers to get the 360"

If the customer is truly ignorant to all consoles then wouldn't they thank the salesman when they get home and can play the best versions of all the multiplatform games for half the price of a PS3?

PirateThom3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

No, because they're pushing a 360 on them no matter what the customer wants.

Let's look at an example, if a customer wants to play Grand Theft Auto, FIFA, Singstar and God of War you don't recommend a 360 to them. The retailer can advise them that GTA and FIFA are on 360 and Lips is kind of like Singstar, but if they can't play God of War, then what's the point?

If someone wants to play Halo you don't tell them to buy a PS3 because Killzone 2 is coming and it's sort of like Halo in that it's an FPS.

And that's the problem. These customers are asking for help and being sold products they may have no interest in at all. It's less about fanboyism or even console wars as it is about customers being misled by people who are supposed to be there to offer equal, unbiased advice.

I don't work for a games retailer and I know there's people who would tell people to buy a PS3 or 360 over the other for no other reason than sheer bias, but instead, what we should be doing is giving them an unbiased view as gamers. When people ask me, knowing I game a lot, I never mention "resolutions" or "review scores", hell, I hardly ever mention graphics unless it's particularly impressive. I just tell them about games that are out, that are coming out. The services and features of each. I give them ADVICE.

Eddie201013653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

Everyone should be happy to be persuaded to buy a system (Xbox 360) that in the long run will cost you more with all the nickle and diming that Microsoft does and the high defect rate.

$49.99 per year for live. Thats for every year you have the console and play on live, which adds up over time.

There rediculously expensive hard drives ($99.99 for 60 gig hard drive and higher for the larger hard drive) when you can buy the same type of notebook hard drive for around $40.00.

Charging $99.99 for a proprietary Wi-Fi adapter(You have to use theres if you want Wi-Fi) when you can buy a PC Wi-Fi adapters for half that.

Forcing game developers to charge for all content when developers like Epic have a long history of giving away cotent for there games in the past and would like to have done the same for the 360.

Smart people know you don't save money by buying a Microsoft Xbox 360.

As far as games go most games being released lately look just as good on both systems, with some even looking slightly better on the PS3. Its not a matter of weather the PS3 can do great graphics and games.

el_bandito3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )


The ignorant customers I was referring to is the non-gaming community who hasn't been presented with the pros of getting the other console. They maybe someone's folks who'd buy their kids a console or maybe someone who plans to buy his first console. Would you thank someone for letting you buy something without actually giving you a choice? If you were an owner of the shop, would you be happy that the people you hired were the ones responsible why some of your products are gathering dust?

"play the best versions of all the multiplatform games" - If someone is happy enough to play the best multiplatform games, then good for him. I bought mine because of the exclusives.

P4KY B3653d ago

el_bandito:- And we all know that the best exclusives are on the 360.

PirateThom3653d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4 and LittleBigPlanet say "hi".

el_bandito3653d ago

Apparently, I did not know that. I do not care if the 360 has the best exclusives. All I know is that the games I wanted --- MGS4, GT5, God of War, FFXIII Versus, LBP ---are PS3 exclusives.

Why o why3653d ago

what exclusives? You gotto have 'some' exclusives to have the 'best' exclusives dlc and timed ain't part of the equation

P4KY B3653d ago

You all know the names of the games.
Games that you can play NOW rather than watch or dream about playing in 2009,2010 etc.

Itrguy0013653d ago

OR we could always get it off the internet and pirate it. plus 360 aint got jack shyt on the PS3 if it weren't for MS having all of that loads of cash that Bill Gates stole the idea from that one other dude MS wouldnt even be around. and the person above u said no TIMED EXCLUSIVES so without Timed Exclusives u guys wouldnt have any games

ultimolu3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

I never knew something like this was going on but either way it's wrong.

Sadly we're going to see a lot of people buy systems this holiday season because they're being forced to buy it instead of making their own decisions.

And P4KY B, I don't know if you were being sarcastic or not but from since I switched to HDTV...PS3 exclusives looked even more kick ass than usual. :D

Ju3652d ago

@P4, what game? That war game in B&W ? No, it didn't sell me a console in the first place, and I still don't want to shell out $263 to play it this time, just for one game. And, maybe another $50 to play online, to meet those hordes, in sequence. </rant>

Argento-Nox3652d ago


Actually, I can explain how it works at EB games (CDN version of Game Stop) and Futureshop (CDN version of Best Buy) for sales. At the futureshop I used to work at, it goes by warranty sold. We only got commission when we sold warranty on systems. I can't remember exactly, but I think it was $79.99 for 3 years of warranty (starting the day you purchased it) for systems over $399.99.

When my brother told me how much warranty was at the EB games he's working at, I laughed. EB games warranty is $79.99 for 1 year from the date of purchase. For those who think RROD is an issue of the past, his store gets about 12 RROD's returned on EB warranty practically every other week.

For the launch of the 360 (I was still at FS before leaving to go back to school full time)I sold a lot of 360 warranty after the first couple of weeks b/c of RROD.

It was like shooting fish in a barrel, b/c people were already coming in with RROD at my store. The people who didn't buy warranty the 1st time, definitely bought it when exchanging for new 360's. The worst case we had, was a guy who exchanged a 360 that had burned a hole in his project gotham racing game (extremely rare case, considering all the RROD's we had), unfortunated for him, FS and Best Buy don't cover software damage due to gaming systems. I don't know about the Best Buy down the street from us, but my store definitely had at least 20% RROD.


The best multi-platform games won't all be on 360 from this year onward. EA, ubisoft and several other companies now have PS3 as lead platform. If you actually check most reviews, a few games are actually reviewing on par with the 360 or slightly better, like Dead space and Burnout Paradise.

It all comes down to which company is doing proper programming for multi-platform games on the PS3. I know Ubisoft still suck, b/c my copy of Fry cry 2 has a load time in between stages and the 360 version doesn't. FC2 has a crappy 3 gb install to add insult to injury. EA, however, is obviously doing a much better job. My copy of dead space has no loads between stages and a 600kb install for trophies.

If you really think most multi-platform games play better on 360, that's your opinion and I respect it. From my experience with my PS3 version and my friends 360 version of multi-platform games, I think the days the 360 having the better version are numbered.

Sarcasm3652d ago

"And we all know that the best exclusives are on the 360. "

I like how the article discusses about the bias from the retailers.

But look, we just caught one in the wild right here.

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LightningPS33653d ago

It's nobody's fault but Sony's. If they would stop charging people for a blu ray player and a game console, when all people want is a game console. Things would be different.

Not that long ago PS3 was outselling 360, but since the price cuts on XBOX 360, things have been going south again for PS3.

It's all price, trust me. Price!!

PirateThom3653d ago

If it was all price, the 360 would be outselling the Wii.

It's not.

Thus, it's not all about price.

There's no magic reason for console sales, the PS2 launched at a more expensive price than the Dreamcast and while the Dreamcast held it for a while... well.... we all know how that turned out.

The fact is, the 360 has only marginally outsold the PS3 since it's price cut.

From this year, they're about level in the US now, PS3 is about 0.5 million ahead in Europe and the PS3 is leading Japan.

Itrguy0013653d ago

this is why u have 1 bubble

ultimolu3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

...Your comment was just ignorant Lightning.
I'm sorry but it was.

How many times must we hear the same crap about 'The PS3 has no games'? That's what you're implying; that the PS3 is just a bluray player and nobody wants it for the games. Let me tell you something and you better listen good.


Not only can you play bluray movies, you can play dvd movies. Not only can you play games, you can have other services that FREE. You don't have to pay for extra this, extra that.

A bunch of bullsh*t?

Are you even sure about that?

Did this article make you squirm in your seat or something?

You don't force people to buy things they may not want to buy.

You give them ADVICE.

And thank you Thom. The PS2 was expensive as well until it gradually came down in price. Then Sony made the PS2 slim. The same thing could be happening to the PS3. If it was about price, the 360 would have been pushing Wii numbers or at least surpassing them.

The 360 sells software at an excellent rate but the hardware sales are slowing.

The proof is in the pudding.

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