Are They Talking About Sex?

Slashgamer Writes: "Ahhhh, everyone's first time, it's a memorable experience. Some people are so anxious that they don't care who or where they're doing it - as long as they 'do it!' Oh, and if you think we're talking about sex, you are perverted.

And yes, this is a scene from an actual game called 'Ar tonelico: Melody of Elemia' for the PlayStation 2."

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Kamikaze1353529d ago, that was...amazing.

sunnygrg3528d ago

Heard 'em boys?? No doggy style for your first time.

CrazedFiend3528d ago

Awww, damn!

My MOM walked in on me while I was watching that!!!

Tempist3528d ago

Why is this suddenly news? This is something that was discoved a year ago.... Here's the blog on it too:

It's number 5. It talks about all the inuendo.

Tacki3529d ago

Ohhhh, that was so good! I'll have to do it again.

Watch it again I mean.

penguinhunter3529d ago

Man, I love jokes that are sexual but not meant to be sexual in anyway...

So hot!!

BobDog3529d ago

lol, she was gonna take it doggy style but decided agaisnt it 0.o

this is obviously a joke by the developers

micro_invader3528d ago

Agreed, although it was a bit disturbing with all the twinkly happy la-la music. The way the voice actors were pronouncing "do it" and "all the way in" was hilarious!

Jotenks3528d ago

Instant bookmark for later viewing lol.

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