Rumor: GameStop's EA Sports Season Pass

Smashpad writes: "We've received a tip from an unnamed source that a rumored potential deal may be in the works between EA and GameStop to offer consumers a special deal called the EA Sports Season Pass. Originating from a survey regarding the purchases of sports games, a particular image was sent to us about this deal offering consumers the chance to pay $20 upfront and receive the privilege to save 33% off of many of the upcoming EA Sports games when purchased new, which would almost pay off the price of the Season Pass with just one purchase."

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Amadeo3627d ago

I'm sure I'm not the only one who belives this, but I think EA's sports games are practically obsolete. I mean, they're doing a better job of making them more intriguing year-after-year now that Peter Moore is there, but they really should just release downloadable roster updates.

FilippoDinolfo3627d ago

Well, their model of a new game a year has been working just fine for them o far. I don't think they'll be changing that any time soon.

blueleopard3626d ago

If you're going to go with that way of thinking, sports titles became obsolete a long time ago.

Every year, people expect major improvements and the developers usually don't deliver, but have any of the fans ever given them their great ideas?

If you're a huge sports gamer, this is quite a deal. Unfortunately, I don't shop at GameStop because GameCrazy is so much better.