Blood of Bahamut detailed at official site

Square Enix opened up the official site for Blood of Bahamut today, sharing new details on the game, and also providing a first video trailer. It also shared official screenshots and artwork.

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EyeShield 213619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

S-E is taking Kanye West's Song : Go hard to the fullest.

Square's version would go as followed:

"I think 2009 his time for us to go hard as the copany were from

we do it for the fans cause the fans told me i could !

F!ck the best we run this game

You should already thinkin we gon go hard

If you were as real as me

You would never let another publisher step in yo yard"

Last Remnant
KH Coded
KH Birth By Sleep
KH 358/2
FF Disdia
FF Blood Of Bahamut
FF 13
FF 13 Versus
FF 13 Agito
Star Ocean 4

any thing else I dint mention?

Im off to another thread with my MAX SPEED!!!