Japan: DSi Erases PSP's 2008 Gains

Chart Get! has released the latest Media Create Handheld Charts. The PSP3K's gains over the past several weeks were completely wiped out by the DSi.

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Tempist3656d ago

Take into consideration that many times in Japan, when something new/updated is released there's a large segment of the population that just upgrades. This does not actually reflect potential new users, but rather users who want to replace their DS lite. The best guage of new users would be to see if older games sell more or if newer games sell more.

This isn't the first time, check the stats from last year when the PSP-2000 was released, you'll see a spike in sales too.

ofx3603657d ago

I. Didn't. See. That. Coming...

Skerj3657d ago

Hah I saw this coming, but Dissidia is coming up so the tug of war will continue.

TheColbertinator3657d ago

I hope so.No point in having the PSP around if Sony won't even compete with it.

nice_cuppa3657d ago

nintendo is on fire this gen

TheColbertinator3657d ago

Maybe that will get Sony working on getting some games for it during the holidays.Star Ocean 1 was good and I heard LA Remix is ok but Sony dropped the ball on that one.Not to mention the PSP still not getting a 2nd analog stick and Sony talking to Capcom about Devil May Cry for PSP.I like the PSP but the lack of support on it is getting annoying.

Monster Hunter Unite will be good but I have never seen a commercial of any MH games here in the US and if Sony doesn't make a deal with Capcom,they might just pull out of the PSP support in America/Europe for good

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The story is too old to be commented.