Could game consoles weather the storm?

Scott Kirsner writes:

"To my shock, not only were the fruit colored iPods not rotting on the shelf, but the stores were jam packed. At Best Buy, consumers were picking up game consoles (Xbox and PS3), DVDs, HDTVs, etc. I still have yet to find a store with any inventory of Nintendo Wii. The booths to fill out an application for a Best Buy credit card were full! The interest-free credit on HDTVs and other goods combined with decreasing prices has clearly motivated buyers. Even Circuit City. . . was busy."

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ThanatosDMC3683d ago

People tend to buy things of entertainment value when things are in the dumps. Videogaming has more entertainment value than movies. 2hrs vs 6-300+ hours.

Horny Melon3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

"6-300+ hours. "

What video game are you playing? I don't consider grinding the same level over and over to find the one missing audio tape "entertainment".

And lets not forget price. That dvd is $15 that game is $60.

ThanatosDMC3682d ago

I agree with you but...

For example a 250+ hour game are none other than the Monster Hunter (MH) series. I have 297 hrs on my Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (psp) and im still not satisfied with it to stop playing. I just converted my save file to be able to play the Japanese expansion for the game.

Big games like Oblivion or Fallout 3, but more prominently Fallout 3, have long entertainment value because of interesting missions, dialogue, enemies, mods, and whatever. Mods really energizes gameplay or story.

DVDs actually cost alot less now, but that's because i buy mine in Half Price $4 to $7. Fallout 3 cost me $54.11 since i bought the PC version for mods.

But seriously, an average movie only last for an hour and thirty minutes, while most videogames take at least 6-8 hours to finish from start to finish.

But yes, i suggest you try play Monster Hunter Freedom with some friends and your addiction will blossom. However the learning curve is pretty harsh and the difficulty varies depending on the individual.

I dont play games like WoW or Guild Wars in which the level of character practically defines what he/she can do. In MH it's the skill of the individual that defines the hunter. I've seen some people take on monsters that would normally kill a heavily armored hunter in two strikes at least. But that guy wasnt even wearing armor. So i gave him a slight "nudge" when he tried to dodge just to have him die.

Jotenks3683d ago

Oh I'm sure they (The video game consoles) could help especially with the recent 360 price cut dipping below the Wii's price line. Factor in the Wii momentum as it is still going strong (At least in my neck of the woods). Let us not forget that the PS3 is getting a new system just as well and with Blu-Ray becoming a bit more abundant.

Not to forget that some just may very well buy HDTVs to go along with their console of choice. Overall I think gaming is probably helping the economy a bit more than our politicians are doing at the moment.

Horny Melon3683d ago

the report from Best Buy stating that sales walked off a cliff in October. Media is resistant to slowing economy, but not immune. We are guaranteed media price reductions next year.