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Wiigator Wii Backup Launcher 0.3 gamma

New version of the backup launcher released!

Backup Launcher 0.3 gamma

What is included:
- cIOS Installer
- Backup Launcher 0.3 with banner

0.3 gamma
- Optimised speed
- Higher compatibilty
- Support loading 1:1 backups from disc channel

Note: This version is faster, but some videos will play a little bit too slow. This also depends on the quality of your DVD media.

Install instructions:
http://www.iol.ie/~taz/WiiHowToGamma.html (Dev, Tech, Wii)

an_idiot  +   2299d ago
People give this a try, no need for a physical mod, just install the homebrew channel. I got backup of paper mario working.
windmill145  +   2299d ago
Can this be use on any firmware version?
I ask because I dont want to buy a JP Wii just to play TvsC, since its never going to come to the U.S thanks to copyrights.
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an_idiot  +   2299d ago
You don't need to buy a Japanese wii to play Japanese games. I don't know how exactly, but there are ways to play a J game on a US Wii with this loader. It might involve patching the iso.

Check out this region patcher:

I believe this loader also has a force-NTSC format. It will force PAL discs to NTSC, you can try to see if it works for J to US formats. Then you don't even need to patch the iso.

The loader is pretty new now, it's constantly being added to. Just wait a bit more and you should be able to get a loader with exact same capabilities as a physical mod chip.
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iamtehpwn  +   2299d ago
an_idiot is totally correct DO THIS NOW
Really. If your Wii is collecting dust, do this.
I absolutely assure you 1000% that you can never brick your with it.
It's very safe and easy,-- NOT tricky, tedious and difficult to work through like PSP softmodding

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