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Submitted by oriol003 2568d ago | image

Halo 3: Recon New Info and First Picture of Orbital Leaked

The Decemeber Issue from Game Informer has been leaked and we got the scans showing off some new info on Halo 3 Recon and the upcoming Halo 3 Mythic Map pack. (Xbox 360)

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tnkGODimATHEIST  +   2568d ago
Purely awesome thank you
I am Legend  +   2568d ago
Yup !
Bodhi  +   2568d ago
There is no way I'm going to strain my eyes to read all of that. Judging from concept art and gameplay pictures, it get's a thumbs up from me regardless.

Day 1 if it's less then $50
BLuKhaos  +   2567d ago
big shadow  +   2568d ago
looks awesome
tnkGODimATHEIST  +   2568d ago
When is halo 3 recon coming out?
oriol003  +   2568d ago
Map Pack like IN February

Halo 3 Recon in Novemeber 09
EyeShield 21  +   2568d ago
Im not a big Halo lover . But I bet alot of folks will be pleased with this.

Im off to another thread with my MAX SPEED!!!
oriol003  +   2568d ago
Going to be Awesome
tortella  +   2568d ago
That looks like a PS2 game now

that looks like crap

see the gameplay images below
oriol003  +   2568d ago
Are you stupid or somethings this are Magazine Scans not HIGH QUality screenshots
fufotrufo  +   2568d ago
haha poor tortilla

it looks better than Resistane 2
tnkGODimATHEIST  +   2568d ago
Now that i finish reading it. ITS AMAZING
sniper4534  +   2568d ago
oriol003  +   2568d ago
Don't be stupid you "Sony Droid" its an Expansion to a game that came out in 2007.
karlostomy  +   2568d ago
Anyone care to put a bet on whether it sells more than Lbp?
Couldn't be too hard could it?
oriol003  +   2568d ago
Considering 2/3 of all 360 owners have Halo 3 it shouldn't be to hard.
iClutch  +   2568d ago
this will outsell LBP guaranteed
pavarotti  +   2568d ago
lol your gonna be on one bubble for saying that.

but, halo recon will be the bigget selling game in 09 on any console. if anyone wants to take the bet? then pm me! the only ps3 game that mite compete in sales is killzone2. other than that, bungie and microsoft are gonna make a fortune.
na2ru1  +   2568d ago
Are you EVER interested in quality
or just last gen ports poop that sells?

Does that mean this game will be better than LBP?
SuperM  +   2568d ago
@ pavarotti
While you may be right i wouldnt be to sure of it. Gran Turismo 5 says hi.
tnkGODimATHEIST  +   2568d ago
Damn I didn't know that many people had the game
tnkGODimATHEIST  +   2568d ago
killzone 2 is garbage
gta2800  +   2568d ago
Why? cause you won't get to play it on your 200 dollar console?
Kush_Reaper  +   2568d ago
So was your mum in bed, you dont see me too happy about it lol.

tnkGODimATHEIST  +   2568d ago
Only a PS3 Fanboy would disagree on my comment
gta2800  +   2568d ago
Not really, only a true 360 fan boy would think it's garbage cause he doesn't own a ps3 and he won't get to enjoy that masterpiece.
snoopgg  +   2568d ago
I own both and can honestly admit its
going to be the best shooter on a console for 2009!!!! This game is going to rock!!!!
oriol003  +   2568d ago
"Ignores User"

There it goes again
iggypop123  +   2568d ago
i havent touched my copy in 5 months. maybe this gets me to play
iClutch  +   2568d ago
yeah, ima start playing again once this comes out. Recon will save Gaylo.
oriol003  +   2568d ago
Yeah me neither with Fallout Far Cry Gears of War 2 Fable 2 I haven't had time to play it since July once the new map pack is out I am pretty sure I'm going back to Halo 3.
iClutch  +   2568d ago
LittleBigKillzone  +   2568d ago
WOW you guys are to easy..
To all the 360 owners, you guys are way to easy.. What i mean is this.. do you guys realize that MS just keeps alternating every year.. in 2006 it was Gears Of War, in 2007 it was Halo 3, this year in 2008 its Gears of War 2 and in 2009 you guessed it.. another Halo game.. Dont get me wrong, MS also puts out other exclusive titles like Fable 2 but they rely so much on just one or 2 huge franchises like Halo or Gears.

the PS3 might not have that one title that sells millions on one day but what they do have is a variety of different exclusives that atleast sell a million or more in the matter of a few months.. Resistance, Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword,Uncharted, Ratchet and Clank and LBP soon have all sold a million or more over their life time.

Thats the big difference with sony and MS, MS just cares about money and money alone.. they figure they can keep alternating between Gears and Halo every year and their fanbase is so easy that they will buy it no matter what because of the name Gears Or Halo.. thats why in the long run the PS3 will WIN this gen, it might take 5 or 6 years but it will happen. MS cant keep releasing rehashes of Gears and Halo forever like they have been for the last 3 years so far.
oriol003  +   2568d ago
The only difference is that those Games are so ****** awesome and the Sequels are even more ***** awesome. Compare to all those ps3 games.
Xi  +   2568d ago
ps3 owners are just as easy.
all you have to do is show them "something" then tell them it's coming and they'll be impressed.
The BS Police  +   2568d ago
Irony at it's finest.
You claim that Microsoft is jsut in it for money alone, then why is there alot of quality games on the Xbox 360? Why does Microsoft go out of there way to bring us these goods and services if they are just in it for the money when it costs them millions to get these products for their customers?

Why did Microsoft stay in the business after losing billions of dollars on the original Xbox?

It's no secret that Microsoft is in it for the money, but there is no doubt that Microsoft wants to do good for the gamers aswell... even though they tend to screw up from time to time like any other company.

As for alternating game franchises each year, whats the big deal? Aslong as it's a good game theres nothing wrong with it.
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DevastationEve  +   2568d ago
Well...KillZone2 is the carrot on the string that dangles in front of you PS3 fans and leads you into each new year thinking that you're getting closer.
oriol003  +   2568d ago
BS POLICE well said my friend
poopface1  +   2568d ago
actually your pretty easy for following sony so blindly
Ps3 has been around for a shorter time than 360. ps3 has had two resistance games already compared to one halo game on 360, so far. Ps3 has also had two motostorms and two ratchet and clanks. I dont see how you can say Microsoft depends on two franchises when sony makes sequels to their games faster than Microsoft.

The 360 has had the most success with new franchises this gen. The games with amazing sales on wii and ps3 are ALL franchises from last gen. Some new games do good on the other systems, but those get outsold by even some of the crappy games on the 360.
littletad  +   2568d ago
I enjoy
Taking your bubbles Littlebigkillzone :). Btw, post your comments in the open zone next time. That's where you belong.

And bs police nailed it, literally.
#14.7 (Edited 2568d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
No Way  +   2568d ago
@LittleBigKillzone -
I agree with what The BS Police said.

I could care less if it's Halo in January, then Gears in March, then another Halo in May, then anther Gears in July and ect. As long as the games are good, then who cares?
Monolith  +   2568d ago
to Xi and The BS Police
to Xi- how are you ganna say that all you have to do is show a game to ps3 fans and say its comming and were immpressed when all of you are doing the same thing for this game, yea it should be good but dont contradict yourself.

To The BS Police- yea microsoft is in it for the money and so is sony but I see alot more games comming out for the ps3 than the 360, i have fable and i was not impressed at all, and to say that microsoft gives quality goods and servises is retarded, do i need to say rrod. microsoft is more in for the money because they rushed out which could of been a good product but wanted the money, and how exactly are they going out of there way, by bring another halo, where are all the new ips, where are exactly are all these good quality games that you mention i dont see any, its halo and gears, and i guess fable, its alright. but i guess your retarded becauese at the end you say "but there is no doubt that Microsoft wants to do good for the gamers aswell..." by bringing the same game to the market come on bring something new your brain dead man, and yes i am a sony fan but i also have a 360, yes halo 1 was awesome, it was new and refreshing, halo 2 was alright it had multiplayer, but what exactly did halo 3 bring to the market nothing i had it it was fun for a little bit but its not as good as it was, it was just a graphics boost thats it.
Rhoic  +   2568d ago

13 games that have sold over 1 million


47 games that have sold over 1 million.

I think Microsoft's strategy is working.
Traveler  +   2568d ago
Oh yes, here we go with the usual PS3 fanboy nonsense: "Sony care about gamers and they don't care about making money at all--they are the noblest and most generous company in the world and all they care about is making PS3 fans happy." What a load of crap. All companies have to answer to their bottom line and the principle reason they are in business is to make money. I can't believe people would even have the audacity to attack Microsoft and turn around and act like Sony is some benign protector of the people. It's such nonsense. If you want to know the truth, Sony are one of the most anti-consumer companies out there. Think about the rootkit fiasco, stupid proprietary formats (atrac, memory stick, mini-disc, UMD, and on and on), exploding batteries, and their aggressive manoevours to kill off HD DVD. I'm not saying Sony are a horrible company, I am just saying that all companies have made mistakes and I think it is absurdly biased and unfair to criticize Microsoft's mistakes while completely overlooking Sony's.
IcarusOne  +   2568d ago
Sony doesn't have 5 or 6 years to win this fight with the PS3.

Considering their early claims about the PS3, the fact that the system is still STRUGGLING to keep up with 360...some might call that epic fail.
Nicolator  +   2567d ago
@ littlebigkillzone
Dude i dont know what part of ur brain u are using to think but ... wait a second and read ur comment.. ponder on it and then pounder again.. now ask urself... "Do i make any sense at all?"

MS has 2 mega names its halo and its gears weather u like it or not for a every console has to have a game face .. a game that its it icon... Fact! look at nintendo, they got mario and guess what just the mention of mario aloooonneee without really anygames on the wii guess what they are leading both MS and Sony and its working well, MS game face has been Halo and now Gears is helping with the mantel of leadership, this is what gives a console its identity that is y u see the casuals easily seeing a wii and say .. "gush that is me... i like little cut ppl" and most hardcore see the 360 "sweeeett .. i wanna chainsaw me some badies and i love shooting ppl" not tryin to be a fanboy but from what u say it sounds like the ps3 has no game face..and i dont think they do, they only tried to adopt that thinking with R2 tryin to compete with halo ... well u can eat ur heart out coz guess what?... MS knows i repeat KNOWSSS how to market their stuff verrry welll so if they promote their main games that ppl bought the console for y are u hating.. shyt it is selling isnt it..

So go take a class in marketing or something i am sure there should be a uni near u.. look up... the phrase .. "TARGET AUDIENCE"
Zulwarn  +   2568d ago
even a 360 expansion game looks WAAAY BETTER THAN ALL BS3 GAMES COMBINED!
oriol003  +   2568d ago
LOL BS3 Games
gta2800  +   2568d ago
Fanboy much?
snoopgg  +   2568d ago
open your eyes their half shut
If you think this game is going to look better then Killzone 2. Come on people stop being so farking stupid. You people with 360's are in denial all the time.
MerkinMax  +   2568d ago
Don't go that far buddy. I've been playing Gears 2 recently and that would most likely be the game that comes close. Unfortunately K2 has graphical effects not yet seen on consoles of this generation.
CLOUDJU  +   2568d ago
Even though Call of Duty 4 spoilt me with it's amazing multipayer and now I can't seem to go back to Halo's multiplayer. I'm still a huge Halo fan, and can't wait to go threw this game campaign mode.

Hopefully, this game will also carry on the tradition of having a cliff hanger scene after all the credits have rolled; giving some insight to what's next for the Halo series.
#16 (Edited 2568d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
iClutch  +   2568d ago
Stealth + Halo is going to rawk mai sawks.
LittleBigKillzone   2568d ago | Spam
LittleBigKillzone  +   2568d ago
The BS police
How about stop drinking the Microsoft Kool aid and think.. there is nothing wrong with alternating franchises?! your a joke man, you wanna know why consoles like the SNES and PS2 where the greates consoles ever made.. VARIETY VARIETY VARIETY.. just think if the PS2 just alternated between MGS and God Of war the whole time it was out.. thats all the 360 is doing, they dont take chances on new HUGE IPs they just alternate.. Gears, Halo, Gears halo etc repeat process
The BS Police  +   2568d ago
You are right in a sense...
Alternating between two franchises forever is not a good tactic, that is why though there are alot of other AAA games on the Xbox 360 each year aswell, so your not just limited to Halo and Gears of War.
Halochampian  +   2568d ago
Hey.. at least they are good games. And those are just the big sellers. There are plenty of good games that come out between them to keep you busy or like me... behind.
Cajun Chicken  +   2568d ago
The reason why MS appears to have a smaller arsenal is because those days of the 360 being the powerhouse that the XBOX and PS2 weren't is nealry over and pretty much all games are multiplatform for the fact the PS3 is picking up fast and publishers get twice the audience and money.

Bioshock 2: Multiplatform
Dead Rising 2: Multiplatform
Prey 2: Multiplatform
Mass Effect 2: Probably
Halflife Episode 3 (I predict a special version of the Orange Box for PS3 actually handled by Valve with L4D and EP3 because they could fit on the bluray): Multiplatform.

Basically, existing franchises that actually belong to MS are just Halo, Gears, Crackdown, Fable, Crimson Skies and possibly Rare's back catalogue, they actually don't 'own' much else. I also think Freelancer may exist as MS's rights too.

Its a shame out of that list I only enjoy Halo (Campaign; not Power Rangers Pay-To-Play online), Crackdown, Crimson Skies and Freelancer and everything else I like is pretty much Sony's IP which will be found on the PS3 and PSP.

Thing is developers are getting more money being on both consoles than just sticking to one because of a large cheque, so now, Microsoft Game Studios can finally prove itself or miserably fail, its going to be fun, stay tuned.
#19.3 (Edited 2568d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Xi  +   2568d ago
actually cajun.
I would argue that MS owns as many top quality franchises as sony. The difference is that sony got a lot more attention last generation. And so many of them were a lot more known and better marketed.
#19.4 (Edited 2568d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Traveler  +   2568d ago
Oh come on, this is so dishonest. Just because Microsoft has two huge franchises that sell better than practically everything else out there does not mean that it does not have a really diverse lineup of games outside of that. In fact, that is one of the things I love about the Xbox 360, it's diversity and number of games. I have played more different JRPGs and western RPGs on the 360 than are available on the PS3. I get to play games like Tenchu Z (low scores I know, but I am a huge Tenchu fan and love it anyway), Banjo Kazooie, Braid, PGR4, Fable 2, Ninja Gaiden 2, and the better versions of games like Virtua Fighter 5, Bioshock, Orange Box, and Assassin's Creed. The 360 actually has a better variety of good games in different genres than any other console.
Kush_Reaper  +   2568d ago
Judging from the commennts of the xbots in here, seems they've be desperately serching high an low for killzone 2 killer. well guess wht? NOT GONNA HAPPEN lol.

Besides the power rangers arn't my thing. They're just too gay. Therefore we come to the conclusion of GALO LMAO.


Micro$shaft think their smart trying to release this in order to still away potential killzone 2 buyers lol. Pathetic move if true.

Also i presume the xbot fanbrats will jump all over this because there is nothing worth playing on the 360 come febuary, which therefore reveal why GALO or F@gs of war sell more than it's warranted.

#20 (Edited 2568d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
tnkGODimATHEIST   2568d ago | Spam
anubis12  +   2568d ago
Littlebigkillzone.... what FF is sony on...on no's there are 4 halos compared to what 10 ff about your 9 comment
running rampid  +   2568d ago
dammit. i can only see the first page and a tiny portion off the second page.
anubis12  +   2568d ago
you dont know what Microsoft is releasing....all Sony talks about is games that are coming out like next year or something.heavy rain...killzone....blah blah blah

Microsoft focus on current titles

ps3 had nothing....only thing worth a ps3 right now is uncharted.
deno  +   2568d ago
day one purchase for me. I remember when I first purchased the original xbox, man those were good days.
d_dogg2007  +   2568d ago
lol what a loser, did you enjoy playing with that 30lbs console that couldnt be put vertically and had about 2 games its entire generation oh yeah lets not forget those huge controllers that give you arthritis lol your such a f*ck face,
JOLLY1  +   2568d ago
Uh....good comment?
Oh wait, you didn't like the controller that was made for a mans hands? You like the little carpel tunnel controller? maybe it's that you liked the console without a hard drive. Maybe you liked the inferior graphics. I know it was the lack of online multiplayer. Oh, you must have just liked looking at your erect ps2. You must love a tall vertical console.
#25.2 (Edited 2568d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
DevastationEve  +   2568d ago
is a loser.

buy an x360 and become a winner, dude.
Rhoic  +   2568d ago
Man.. the Playstation controller hurt my hands like crazy.. The 360's controller feels oh so good in your hands.

Also.. lol?


-Best graphics of the gen
-Internal HDD
-Linked Massive Online Play
-Fable, Halo 1 & 2, Conker, KOTOR 1 & 2, Max Payne (actually ran better on XBOX), Crimson Skies, Ninja Gaiden, Phychonauts, etc.

Also, there are about 1500 games rated on metacritic on the PS2.. about 1100 of them are 70 and below lol. And I always hear PS3 fans say

Quality > Quantity.
Maxned  +   2568d ago
No one thinks youre cool because you made your avatar boobies or that you act tough on the internet.
That guy said NOTHING OFFENSIVE and yet your unload on him like that. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Madmax1281980  +   2568d ago
thats funny coz last time i checked the original xbox had more than just 2 good games ie.

halo, halo2, project gotham 1 + 2, rallisport challenge 1+2 (i hope they make a 3rd for the 360), grabbed by the ghoulies, voodoo vince, riddick e.f.b.b, half-life 2, race driver 2+3, doom 3, links 2004, blood wake, brute force, far cry, crazi taxi 3, outrun 2006, oddworld strangers rath, dead or alive 3, max payne 1+2, jsrf, top spin, pariah, conker, toejam and earl 3, forza, and lots more
deno  +   2568d ago
@ kush reaper
you speak of play beyond not behind, right? well everything sony has been delaying is definitely beyond. keep thinking of beyond why we think of now!!! I remember when I was a sega fanboy, it was never this bad. These new fanboys are like the chimera in resistance, they keep coming.
griff  +   2568d ago
Strife Lives  +   2568d ago
while I really want to buy this. . .
Xbl is officially supported here,so I created a foreign account to get on.And that means getting MS points is doable. . .but a b1tch to do.and,Its costs way more than its suppose to.So. . .I question if Recon will be worth the effort.I wishd they had put out a new game instead though,with a new art style. . .but I suppose an add on is fun.Thing is,with the H3 game engine,lighting looks great but graphics. . .look kinda meh. Anyways,wil consider this. But if any of you have spare Msft points lol please lemme know lol
MerkinMax  +   2568d ago
Bungie said they are changing the art direction a little. They are going to make it a little more gloomy. If there's anything we've learned in the gaming industry it's that gloomy "less colorful" games look the best.
iownbothps360  +   2568d ago
to ps3 fanboys
u know what i'm defiantly buying Killzone 2 day1.
but u sony fans need to cool it because not one game that u sony fans push asa console mover sold worth a
dam. now u can mention mgs4 but it can very easily end
up on 360. and another thing u people can holla lbp is a new ip all u want but the fact is this gears1 was a new ip and it still sold over a mill week 1 with out a demo. do i need to metion other games ac biosshock to name a few all new ips still better then
lbp, and don't holla that it will get to a mill or more in its life time because that will just back fire in ur face. how simple because pdz kameo ninja
gaiden and even viva pinyata all as sold a mill or more, but these games are consider flops by u ps3 fanboys simply because it took months to get there.
and the thing i find the most funny is that all year
long is that every body was saying tat sony hadthe best holiday line up but yet all of there games have failed in sales.
jluth3  +   2568d ago
just like this year...
Microsoft will own Sony with the biggest sales of any game again. Guaranteed
slak  +   2568d ago
yes they will
this is looking hot
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