GamesOnSmash: Mirror's Edge Review

From the review:
"This is one of the best games I have ever played. I am impressed with everything about it. I found myself reacting to situations realistically, like frantically looking around when I enter a room for a way out because I'm being chased. Granted I've never done that in my life, but I'm sure I would if bullets are racing at my ass.
Mirror's Edge is a game I've honestly been waiting for, but wasn't expecting it to come so soon. It found a way to be complex yet simple. It hits all the marks with graphics, game play, and the most important, Storyline. ME is by definition of the word innovative. It forces you to throw away what you are use to and to play something out of your comfort zone. In this generation of games that is very important. Mad props to Dice and EA (Sorry Blade)"


* Surprisingly easy control scheme
* Sick graphics and level design
* Intriguing storyline with believable characters
* Innovative. The game is truly different
* Rewarding game experience
* Even the music will start to grow on you.


* Game is too bright in some areas. Even when you mess with your video settings
* This game will test your patience
* Might give you Motion sickness or Vertigo


* You will die…a lot. Use it as a learning experience

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Ben10543677d ago

Playr only gave the game a 6

Arsenic133677d ago

Its published. But its still just an opinion.