Videogames Used To Recruit and Train Football Players


"In a football and gaming first Everton FC has signed an exclusive deal with Sports Interactive, developers of the football management videogame Football Manager, to give manager David Moyes and his coaches unrivalled access to its database of over 370,000 players and staff.

In the past, Football Manager has accurately identified Wayne Rooney's potential talent when he was just fifteen and has been the first to predict other future stars including Lionel Messi, Ashley Young and Jose Baxter."

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Superfragilistic3656d ago

Talk about coming full circle... games based on sports and now sports based on games! lol

Although the only way I learnt about American Football and became a diehard Steelers fan was courtesy of Madden on my PS2.

Gotta love those stats! :)

Immortal Kaim3656d ago

and they say games can't lead to exercise.

GVON3656d ago

The amount of young players I've found on this,all the way back to when the made championship manager 01/02 is crazy.

XboxOZ3603656d ago

I'm simply not a sports fan, outside Tennis that is . . .all the rest just don't "do it" for me I'm afraid . .But then, Motorsports is a "sports" of sorts, so I suppose that counts - doesn't it ???

And Forza 3 is due out in 2009, and that's all I'm worried about. We may have some nice juicy news about that soon as well .. so stay posted, or check out a little update we did on Saturday on it. (

EyeShield 213656d ago

They could use some of my potential.

Im off to another thread with my MAX SPEED!!!!!!!!!!!

Arsenal4Ever3656d ago

its annoying when you always say that.

GayASSAdmins3656d ago

not me. I find it quite funny . you could always ignore him kakkashi.