Wii, PS3, Xbox 360: Where they stand

Video games have so far performed relatively well despite the turmoil in the broader U.S. economy. If you're planning to buy a new console for the holidays, which one are you leaning toward? If you've already bought a Wii, PS3 or Xbox 360, are you satisfied with what you got? Which online experience will be better: the Xbox 360's NXE or the PlayStation Home?

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aaquib093628d ago

Buy the:

Wii - If you under 12 or over 40. You love Mario and all the other Nintendo franchises.

360 - You're not looking for a relatively cheap, games machine with some of the best games on the market and the best online in the industry.

PS3 - Games machine, Bluray player, Internet hub, Free online. Basically, the best f^cking media hub on the planet.

spectyre3627d ago

I'm 41... I better sell my PS3 w/ 320gb hard drive and my 28 games and pick up a Wii. :P

360degrees3628d ago

Sales figures, Attach rate, Video Games sales, and Video Game Lineup the Xbox360 Video Gaming Console is FAR ahead of the ps3, but still way behind the Wii in console sales