The Playstation 3 Turns Two

Kotaku writes - "Two years ago tomorrow the PlayStation 3 had its North America launch. Remember November 2006? Ah, yes, the days of $3,000 machines being sold on eBay and beyond-the-pale mayhem in the midnight line-ups to get one. Sony Computer Entertainment America had a far more sedate affair on Wednesday, toasting the two year anniversary (don't call it a "birthday") of the console."

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jack who3677d ago

still hasnt make any money for sony

PirateThom3677d ago

Well, to be fair, the 360 hasn't made any money for Microsoft either.

jack who3677d ago

360 started makin money for ms 2 years ago even with the rrod

chaosatom3677d ago

They are helping Sony.

Sony is thinking about the consumers for once, by making ps3 at least afforable. if we compare to the blu-ray players that are out, they cost at least like 400 bucks.

Sony is starting to turn up profit in software, and soon it will in hardware for the ps3.

Itrguy0013676d ago

Yeah only with the RRoD replacements is how 360 made money for MS

rekonizakilla3676d ago

Why do you care which one of these two giant companies are making the most money? Seriously just grow up. Anyway my dads much richer than your dad and he's got like a license to kill

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LightningPS33677d ago

PS3 doesn't survive this holiday. I think they stop production next year.

poindat3677d ago

You don't survive this holiday. I think you'll be out of bubbles by next year.

Really, how moronic can you be to think they will stop production? It's in pretty much the same place (or better?) that the 360 was at this period in its life cycle.

pwnsause3677d ago

lightning is a little kid who has no idea whats going on.

DJ3677d ago

And yet more PS3s than 360s were sold in 2007. What are you going to say when it happens for 2008?

chaosatom3677d ago

how does that feel?

*I'll go out right now and sell ps3, so i can get a cheap xbox and played the mult-disc, gimped version of FF13 when xbox 720 comes out*


thebudgetgamer3676d ago

today ive seen kotaku slam ms for the xbl problem and now kotaku kinda praising the ps3 its just odd


hay3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

I think mother didn't love LightningPS3 but father did too much.
Either way, it's been long and difficult 2 years. PS3 had learn to walk and speak for itself and I hope it'll start to run and be everywhere soon.

It needs a party, like in Metal Gier Fiesta: Twin Tacos!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3676d ago

Best Games Console in the World;)

poindat3676d ago

Ah, see Lightning? I was right, unlike your 'prediction.'

Ngai3676d ago

lol this made me laugh

Itrguy0013676d ago

My prediction he's a 9yr old who's gonna grow up suking D!cks for money cause he's out on the streets after failing at trying to get a degree and a job

ultimolu3676d ago

1. You are wrong.
2. My prediction: That all three companies will survive the holidays and keep making great games for gamers.
3. Thankfully you have one bubble.

Captain Tuttle3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

You certainly know how to get the masses going. Cracks me up every time.

Pennywise3676d ago

Its too early in the day for dumbest comment of the day award, but I think you just took it for the week!!

Ju3676d ago

Why do you guys even care to comment? He's down to 1 bubble and won't respond anyway. LOL. (oops, did it myself).

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chaosatom3677d ago

And Sony has done a lot.

From Price cut to getting first party exclusives, to making psn compete with xbl.

good job sony.

edhe3676d ago

They've really not done much more than catch up to be honest.

edhe3676d ago

Only 2 disagrees?


What happened to the SDF? Did it die along with the hilariously great ?

ultimolu3676d ago (Edited 3676d ago )

"They've really not done much more than catch up to be honest."

...You're serious, right?

So you mean to tell me we're still living in a time warp where there's no games for the PS3?

I don't know about you but I'm enjoying my PS3 a lot more than last year. As long as Sony keeps pumping out some great exclusives, and get their butts in gear to bring in rpgs, I'm happy about that.

Amazing how 360 fans worry about numbers. Let the games do the talking and then we can talk.


ofx3603676d ago

its been a good two years, lets hope there's many more