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While this is not Insomniac's best work, in fact it almost seems they slept their way through some of the development, if you only own a PS3 (and no other consoles or a PC) this is a great game to play and own, but if you play on other systems you may not as impressed. The single player campaign feels very off at times and not fun, the multiplayer is fun in you enjoyed the original and if you like co-operative games, the co-op campaign is excellent and worth checking out. Resistance 2 is good though and worth a single play through and a few times on the co-op but Game Focus expected so much more of it.

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GiantEnemyCrab3677d ago

Gears of War 2 - 9.9
Resistance 2 - 8.3


sniper45343677d ago

deam that should it been a 10 for gears lol

360degrees3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

prior to this video games release I had been one of those that believed Insomniac could do no wrong, but I guess every company makes bad decisions, or "Flops" every now and then...better luck next time Insomniac, I know you can bounce back after this one

Nathaniel_Drake3677d ago

Yeah they don't need to bounce back this is a winner, if other companies were as good as Insomniac in churning out great games at a fast rate us gamers would be better for it, not an 8.3 but a 9.5

Great campaign story, MP makes you come back for so much more, graphics are the best I have seen, yes even beats Gears of War 2, the epic scale of the thing just creates such good environment to play in

Anyone who is a fan of Insomniac or just the nature of what a game is supposed to be which is fun you should get this for the PS3, it has the Cloverfield feel to it and I am not talking just about the 300 ft Leviathan, but the story does

Yeah its confusing at first but don't people play it again, and when you do don't you spot things you haven't the first time around?

This is a well spent 60 dollars it goes online and such a great robust online architecture this construes right now, maybe until Killzone 2 comes out

Anyway Insomniac are going to reap the rewards for making such a fantastic game in the form of money just like Resistance 1 did they deserve it for making this kind of game, it only helps us as gamers to support them as they might make another IP well worth our money again and sequels are a must as they built some great IP's with great cliffhangers

Develop on Insomniac, Develop on

ThanatosDMC3677d ago

Yup gotta love Resistance. Other FPS will make you shoot blanks.

Panthers3677d ago

Ramz, I love R2, but I gotta disagree about the graphics. They are not bad, but they are not better than GeOW2. The characters look great, but the environment isnt too great and neither are the vehicles. I dont care too much about graphics though and I love playing R2.

badz1493677d ago

The review said:
"The single player campaign feels very off at times and not fun, the multiplayer is fun in you enjoyed the original and if you like co-operative games, the co-op campaign is excellent and worth checking out."

Halo 3 and Gears 1 and 2 excels at MP but the SP campaign and story for both are so weak and boring but nobody deducted points from both for what they are! the story in R2 is by far better than those in Halo and Gears and yet they keep saying it's not fun and give it a lower score eventhough the MP is awesome! why is that? are they too dumb to get the story or they are only capable to comprehend mediocre stories?

SL1M DADDY3677d ago

Then they dome some awesome work even sleeping! This game was great and my thoughts on the ending... Crazyness. Great game and worth a solid 9 from me.

Milky3677d ago

aaah another no-name review website, heated to over 180 degrees because they gave a game worth 9.5 (IGN) an 8.3. sigh.

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DFresh3677d ago

Morons Resistance has gotten 10's and high 9's it just so happened these guys didn't like the game.

Leogamer3677d ago

Here's a bad, poor written quote from their review, "While this is not Insomniac’s best work, in fact it almost seems they slept their way through some of the development, if you only own a PS3 (and no other consoles or a PC) this is a great game to play and own, but if you play on other systems you may not as impressed."

After I read that, I did not took their review serious. Their opinion in the mission-based gameplay does not hold any merit either. For example, they complaint about the invisible enemies killing you when they popped in front of you instantaneously. Well, duh, they're invisible. But, to remedy and balance the gameplay, you can hear them coming, and as they appear closer, you can see their cloak. You can also shoot them and reveal their position. I'm not going to go any further. This reviewer needs to take a class on writing, and also know how to play a certain game, and furthermore, know how to review a game. Mayor fail! I been playing this game since I got it, and spend my full $60 bucks on it, which I hardly do. Insomniac knows how to make games, period. I'm currently playing on the hard difficult setting, and the game is becoming a total brute force on the latter levels. The way I like my FPS. Definitely much harder than Resistance 1. This is my third play through in the single mission quest. I have yet to play the coop mode, which eventually I will, but the game is so good that I'm playing it daily. Thanks again, Insomniac, and I will impatiently wait for their next game.


GrandTheftZamboni3677d ago

"Insomniac has an uncanny ability to make some of the best looking games on any of the Playstation platforms, Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted: Drakes Fortune and the first Resistance were all great looking games."

Uncharted done by Insomniac ???

I expected so much more of Game Focus.

Junse3677d ago

hahaha that was pretty funny

PirateThom3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

That's just the level of "journalist" we're dealing with in many review outlets, sadly.

Research isn't as important as t3h shiney grafix.

As minor as that seems, it really makes the entire review redundant because it's a really bad mistake.

HB-Sauce3677d ago

ha, how many hours til he silent edits it?

BigPimpJayQc3677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

Our bad. That's what happens when so many great games get mixed-up.
Our deep apologies. We're humans...not fanboys.

callahan093677d ago (Edited 3677d ago )

Reviewers are all a bunch of hyper-critical biased jackasses with no creativity of their own, and I wish they'd just shut the f*ck up with their worthless opinions.

And just because I feel like it, let me respond with my own opinion to all the reviewers who criticized Resistance 2 and praised Gears of War 2 to the heavens:

You have no idea what fun is and you don't give equal chances to all games you review. It's obvious from how many falsities are stated in the reviews I've read. You place more emphasis on graphics than fun, and you criticize some games for things that you praise in others. I think the most ridiculous think I've read yet in a videogame review is the complaining about enemies that primarily target Hale in Resistance 2. First of all, this happens in every game, and second of all, it doesn't happen to the degree most reviewers are claimining it happens. I have been with the SRPA squad numerous times in R2 without all of the enemies rushing directly at me. In fact, I honestly believe that it happens LESS FREQUENTLY in Resistance 2 than it does in most shooters where a squad of A.I. teammates follows your character. The only parts of R2 where I noticed that the enemies only attack Hale and nobody else were the parts where HALE IS ALONE.

And finally, I own a PS3 and a 360 (and a Wii, but that's besides the point right now), and I have R2 and Gears 2, and both are fantastic games and I could perfectly well accept any gamer thinking one is better than the other. From my perspective, the two games are about as objectively equal as can be when comparing apples to oranges (when it really comes down to it, the mechanics of the two games really aren't that similar, and they're not exactly of the same genre). I prefer Resistance 2. I am not saying it's the better game, but I played both games (campaign, co-op, and competitive), and I just simply enjoy playing Resistance 2 more. I'm having a blast focusing on that game and Gears 2 is on my backburner. I'll focus more on the online multiplayer in Gears 2 after I've gotten sick of Resistance 2.

Look, I can choose one game over the other, and I can choose Resistance 2. There's nothing about the two games that makes it, like, if any gamer has access to both they'll always prefer playing Gears 2 (though many reviewers would have you thinking different). I have both, and right now I'm having too much fun leveling up and playing with friends in Resistance 2. When I get sick of all that, I'll go and play Gears 2 (which I haven't played at all since two days after it came out). Both are great games. Both games shouldn't even really be compared. And either game is an accessible choice for any gamer to spend their time having fun. For a guy like me, I can't focus on two games at once.

So, am I somehow "wrong" for picking R2 over Gears 2 for my gaming obsession this November? No, I'm not. It's just what I found enjoyable and addictive at the moment.

(Never underestimate the power of adding RPG elements to something! More reviewers should definitely have put consideration to this awesome aspect of R2, but of course they ignored it because they don't play games to have fun, they play games to criticize them, so they move on from one game to another very rapidly and never get to appreciate the qualities of a game that make it have long lasting appeal to those who actually spend their hard earned cash on a game)

Anyway, I've gone on long enough.

Resistance 2 is a fantastic game, that's what I was trying to get on about. And I don't understand critics and their critical criticisms.

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ToeKneeHaze3677d ago

Uh I wasnt let down. I thought it was fun as phuck.

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