1UP: PlayStation 3 Holiday Gift Guide 2008

After both a rough launch and a drought of games, the PlayStation 3 is finally emerging from the desert with some incredibly strong exclusive titles and, after the recent death of HD-DVD, domination of the home-theatre market.

Little Big Planet and Metal Gear Solid 4 are the PS3's flagship titles, and given their outstanding quality, are the most compelling reasons to pick up a PS3. The other, and probably main reason for a lot of buyers, is that the PS3's also a Blu-ray player. For many PS3 owners, the fact that the PS3 is a gaming system is secondary to its Blu-ray capabilities.

The PS3 still has a long way to go before it can dethrone the Wii and Xbox 360, but for those interested in making a major addition to their home theatre, it's the obvious choice.

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Silogon3620d ago

If LittleBig Planet, Resistance 2, Motorstorm 2 and MGS4 didn't help the Ps3... nothing will.

Keep in mind Motorstorm sold nearly 4 million copies. Resistance sold nearly 4 million copies. That means, when stacked up with the sales of their follow ups, that people just bought them cause of bundles and lack of something to play.

Uncharted... best game I've played this gen and it only sold 2 million units? WTF is wrong with Ps3 owners? What? Why the hell would Uncharted sell 6 or 7 million on the xbox 360 if it was on it...?

Marketing and xbox 360 owners actually buy games. They don't rent their blu-rays and games. They actually buy stuff.

poopsack3620d ago

or maybe you shouldnt compare sales, because none of the sequels have even been out for longer than a month. -_-

LightningPS33620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )

PS3 won't survive this holiday.

I'm starting to think that Sony has given it up already.

ultimolu3620d ago (Edited 3620d ago )


I own MGS4, Naruto, Uncharted, Little Big Planet, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, exclusive-wise and I'll be getting more soon.

Why are you trying to imply PS3 owners don't buy games when they do? Some people have different tastes, ever thought of that?

All the PS3 needs is a pricecut. When that over.

And Lightning, Sony is not going anywhere. They may not win the holiday seasons but who cares. They brought games to the table and people enjoy them. They screwed up but that doesn't mean they can't fix their mistakes and get back on track.

buy a ps33620d ago

they did and they well continue to help it. its hard to compete with a console that costs 199$ (US) no matter how bad it is.

sinncross3619d ago

I disagree with those titles.

MGS4 is not a system seller, in fact none of the MGS titles have been.

MS2 is just a really low key title. As a PS3 owner I fail to see how a game like itself would boost hardware sales.

R2 was just unlucky really... its very overshadowed by Gears 2.

LBP was either going to work or it wasn't. It might have legs and its a shame it aint doing better but honestly, all these good titles for the PS3 collide with all the good titles with the 360. With the 360 being cheaper and a bigger install base it was going to be hard for the PS3 exclusive to really shine.

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LightningPS33620d ago

It's just a shame to see it struggle on the market because of it's price.

Sony still forcing people to buy a blu ray player and a game console, when all they want is a game console.

poopsack3620d ago

you say "still" like if they had the option to take it off, yeah they should do that, and make every game unreadeable.

ultimolu3620d ago

...How is Sony forcing people to do anything? You get bluray as a bonus and a gaming console. Some people want more out of a gaming console and some don't. You can't stereotype people and place them in one group.

Hell, even my uncle is considering one right now.

MTEC83620d ago

I was forced to play MGS4 because Blu Ray didn't help. I was forced to not pay to play online, I was forced to not pay for a Wifi adapter when I travel because you know every hotel in America has wired high speed internet connection. I am forced to watch Iron Man in full HD with so-called a unnecessary HDMI port. Man, Sony does not give you an option on anything like when upgrading my hard drive this holiday.......

RememberThe3573619d ago

I also like how you seem to think that one holiday season will make or break the PS3. Sony has a long term goal with the PS3. SCE needs to make money this quarter, or at least break even. Cutting the price further will not help them do that.

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buy a ps33620d ago

o its one up in that case I'M leaving the article.

spectyre3620d ago

Worldwide Hardware Sales (End of September 2008)
Wii - 34.55 million
Xbox 360 - 22.5 million
PS3 - 16.84 million
PS2 - 133.8 million
DS - 84.33 million
GBA - 81.36 million
PSP - 44.48 million

Worldwide Hardware Sales (End of September 2007)
Xbox 360 - 13.4 million
Wii - 13.17 million
PS3 - 5.63 million
PS2 - 122 million
GBA - 80.48 million
DS - 53.64 million
PSP - 28.4 million

Eddie201013619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Notice that the PS3 year two sales are 3.4 million more than the Xbox 360 year two sales.

Was the Xbox 360 selling 13.4 million by its second year (2007) a failure? (Xbox 360 released in november 2005)

Is PS3 selling 16.84 million by its second year (2008) a failure? (PS3 released November 2006)

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