Shadowrun: Dean Takahashi is unimpressed

Dean Takahashi of the Mercury News has posted his impressions of Shadowrun, the upcoming Live Anywhere launch title from FASA Studio, and Takahashi seems less than impressed. He says that the graphics "aren't anything special," adding that they are more or less on par with Halo 2. He thinks the game's multiplayer focus is a risky maneuver by Microsoft, as it may only appeal to the hardcore gamer set.

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DC RID3R4279d ago

i hope the dev's have programmed the the game latency to an acceptable standard, because from the few videos I've seen on shadowrun, the title looks quite promising.

Will 07 be the definitive year of the "shooter"?

neverfear4279d ago

I don't like this game at all. Once I heard it was multi player only and has no story I lost all interest in the game. I am sure people will love it, but I want more then just a multi player game I want some story involved with it to.

candystop4279d ago

I'm picking it up although I would of loved a single player story mode! This is the kind of game i'm going to just need to play and judge for myself regardless of what I hear before it's released! And from what i've seen this looks fun so we will see!

ryanjtravis4279d ago

I can't wait for this game... after everything I've read and seen on it, it seems that it is going to be a completely innovative take on multiplayer shooters.

It seemed to me that the reviewer didn't like it because the graphics didn't blow him away (I think anyone who's seen footage of this game would agree that while the graphics aren't jaw-dropping, they're certainly a step up from Halo 2) and also because he wasn't very good at it... the devs were telling him to press 2 buttons to use magic powers together, and he said he kept pressing the wrong button.

To me, it sounds like this guy just sucks at games.

Dusk4279d ago

for the sole reason that how can you not be interested to check out Live Anywhere? I really want to see PC Gamers and 360 gamers duke it out in a MP shooter. The PC and 360 are the two best systems for shooters, now they can go head to head. Plus, the game in and of itself looks fun. The graphics aren't jaw-dropping, but the gameplay looks tight.

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