VGC Preview: Killzone 2 - Part 2

VGC writes: "In the second of 3 special articles I give my view on the HUD and the game modes available in the beta.

As I said in the first article, teamwork is the key to success most of the time in Killzone 2. Given this focus on teamwork, it's annoying to find that the radar only displays friendly units when they are: A) extremely close to you, and B) on the same level of the map as you. To illustrate, imagine you have spawned at your base a few seconds after a teammate. Your teammate will appear on your radar as a green dot. You then see him run up a set of stairs. He will now vanish from your radar because he's on a different level of the map than you. You go to follow him as another teammate spawns behind you. By the time you're up those stairs your first teammate has vanished from your radar even though you're on the same level as him because he's now too far away, and your second teammate has also vanished because you're on a different level than him."

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buy a ps33683d ago

the radar is not showing all friendly units annoying at times but it is just a new angle.

Siesser3683d ago

Plus, given the amount of internal fighting (within buildings), and the scale of verticality in the maps (over four stories), it lets you know whether help/danger is actually able to reach you or not. It is different, and can take some getting used to, but can also be useful.