Gears Of War 2 : Horde Wave 50 Completed On Insane

Wave 50 of Horde beat on insane just 8 days after games release.

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vitz33679d ago

It was beaten by pirates first.

The Matrix3679d ago

My friend told me he beat it with some guys a couple days after it came out. They stayed up until 6 a.m. doing it.

Qdog3679d ago

Congatulations on a legitimate acheivement...

Bodhi3679d ago

I can't possibly do this, I'm on Wave 27 on Insane and it's..... insane.

Lifendz3678d ago

and it's crazy hard. I'm playing on the stage called "The River" or something like that. The key before was holding down the house, picking up a shield as soon as possible, and planting the shield by the steps to keep the beastriders from getting to the top floor. That strategy no longer works and the guys are just insanely difficult.

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PS360PCROCKS3679d ago

omg. I can't even get past level 20 on Normal, lmao.

SONYSLAVE3679d ago (Edited 3679d ago )

u mean wave 20*

im a beast at horde i use the snipe and pop off heads left and right everyone to wretches to the beast that the drone rides ONE SHOT then POW head off. :)

3679d ago
Bodhi3679d ago


PS360PCROCKS3679d ago

So everyone disagrees that I in fact CAN get past level 20? I'm not really understanding the 4 disagrees.

Spydiggity3679d ago

probably just some ps3 fanboys with nothing better to do than go around giving disagrees in articles about 360.

3678d ago
Milky Joe3678d ago

@ Spydiggity:

I disagree. You're out of your mind if you think that.

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ChrisGTR13679d ago

this is just lame. you can start horde mode from any level as long as youve played it before. from looking at that screenshot it looks like they only played a couple levels and not the whole 50 waves.

f7897903678d ago

Surviving the first 20 seconds is hard enough in the later waves.

mintaro3679d ago

But playing 50 straight in insane is news worthy. If not a bit sad...

Sircolby453679d ago

You don't haft to play them straight. If you make a party instead of using matchmaking to find players then you can select whatever map/wave you want. You can start from 50 and go to 1 if you want. The only thing is you haft to beat all 50 waves in order to get the achievement, so either way you are going to haft to play all 50 waves. Except whenever you have a party you retry the wave your on until you beat it instead of being kicked back to the menu.

shelbygt333678d ago

So I can fire the game up, go into horde (alone?), put it on casual/normal, and start at level 1. Finish up to level 20, come back a couple days later, and pick up at level 21? And just keep going?

How hard is it to beat by yourself?

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The story is too old to be commented.