Crunching NPD's numbers: the 360 is a publisher's best bet.

Ars Technica: Sales numbers are hard to come by when it comes to the gaming industry; there is no public source of information for what games and consoles are selling. The closest thing that the press has is the monthly sales report from the NPD Group. These numbers are important, and every game blog on every corner of the Internet publishes its take on what the numbers mean. Having a game on the top ten sales is big news; your title looks like a success, and suddenly everyone is talking about it. Publishers love a blockbuster, so Ars asks the question: year to date, what consoles are owning the monthly top ten list?

We studied the last ten months of data from NPD and tabulated how many games each console had in the top ten list each month. As of October, here are the totals:

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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3619d ago

If the 'PS3' was cheaper than the 'Wii' and it didn't outsell the 'Wii' in the US the internet would be full of Stories of how the PS3 was failing???
BUT when it's the 'xBox 360' that hasn't for the last 2 Months been able to outsell the 'Wii' in the US the internet says F-ALL???

Hmm...Strange that...Just goes to show you the internet is full of *****!!! :-/

It should say -

"Crunching NPD's numbers: the 360 is a FAILURE!!!" ;-D
(Like the Original xBox!!!What a WASTE of time that was!!!) ;-D

dukadork3619d ago

there's that reliability thing to factor in...
all those devkits dying all the time... kinda ruins the party
and that warranty expiring soon...

xbollox suckas: the 360 is the biggest POS hardware in gaming history

PirateThom3619d ago

XBox 360 is a publisher's best bet... in the US.

Sadly, games in Europe have a higher price tag and sell more on PS3.

ruibing3619d ago

In the US for this holiday season. That's all the NPD numbers show.

This seems pretty contradictory to the recent earning reports from the major publishers that listed PS3 as one of their top sources of revenues.

green3619d ago

well definitely not EA.360 is still the cream of the crop for them.

buy a ps33619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

sales do not matter ps3 games make more profit weather they sale more or not.

JOLLY13619d ago

wait you are telling me that developers have to spend more on the disk. Then they have to spend more on coding for the ps3 and then they have to have a smaller install base. Lastly it looks like ps3 ownders only like first party games. Now where in that do you see it being cheaper for a ps3 game?

buy a ps33619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

allot of devs have said that they make more profit on the ps3 even tho NPD says the ps3 version of the game soled less then the 360.
you are right about the blu-ray I think that sony gives devs a bigger cut of the profits then MS

360 man3619d ago

buy a ps3 obviously hasnt got a clue on wat he is talkin about

aaquib093619d ago

Stop embarrassing yourself. Please.

360 man3619d ago

this is buy a ps3's rediculous statement

"sales do not matter ps3 games make more profit weather they sale more or not"

he must be 7 yrs old

ThaGeNeCySt3619d ago

bathyj what happened to your bubbles? just the other day you were at 8... u must've pissed someone off lol

sonarus3619d ago

Ea, Activision, Konami and Ubisoft say otherwise:)

Genesis53619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Yeah I know 4 of the largest publishers made more profit of PS3 games than any other software. When they made their fiscal quarters public. Looks like some of the people above haven't read the news lately.

Bathyj3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )


Even though I have a Wii, 360 and a PS3 I much prefer the PS3. Some people just cant fathom that concept. They think everyone that has a problem with M$ and their shady goings on must be a big bad Xboxhater who doesn't have one. I wouldn't comment on XB if I didn't have one, because I probably would know what I was talking about. As it happens, I do. I wish only people who owned PS3's were allowed to comment on them.

Plus I rarely ask for bubbles so it takes me about 6 months to earn one and one comment that erks someone to lose it again.

Bodhi3619d ago

"Plus I rarely ask for bubbles so it takes me about 6 months to earn one and one comment that erks someone to lose it again."

It's actually spelt "irk"

I think I saw Bathyj with a bunch of bubbles before, and than he was destroyed with disagrees with that one argument with that Bitter Tears guy.

buy a ps3 honestly doesn't know what he's talking about AT ALL. Please someone tell me why anyone agrees with him and disagees with anyone that says he doesn't know what he's talking about... Because he really doesn't know what he's talking about.

morganfell3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

360 best bet? Sorry but EA, Ubisoft, Konami, and Namco/Bandai disagree.

Publishers have to be forward looking. Betting on an outdated piece of hardware like the 360 when game technology is expanding and only money from MS is keeping DVD9 from dying is not the smart route to choose.

gametheory3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

"I think I saw Bathyj with a bunch of bubbles before, and than he was destroyed with disagrees with that one argument with that Bitter Tears guy. "

Destroyed? lol, by which argument? You mean the personal attacks that "bitter tears" was running against coincidentally everyone who favors his PS3 over his 360 (like Bathyj)? From that guy who is probably banned or out of bubbles and running rampant with his newest account? Funny how he didn't make fun of any one of the green guys (or should I say red guys?), shows his true colors.

Yeah, sounds more like you got kicks and orgasms out of the personal attacks against PS3 fans. That shows your true colors. And of course, the level of your intelligence.

Bodhi3619d ago Show
morganfell3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

For someone using the name Bodhi, a slur of the word Bodhisattva (someone watched too much Point Break) your actions do little credit to your namesake. Of course unless you are reffering to the tree under which the Buddha gained enlightenment. Even then I doubt the tree would have cared. A little Hesse would do wonders here.

Allow me to enlighten you. "This section is heavily moderated by the N4G staff, so leave your fanboyism at the door please. Members who are unable to behave in a mature and respectful manner will be temporarily or permanently restricted from posting in the Gamer Zone."

By the way, like it or not, there are more than two consoles...

morganfell3619d ago

Once again US Centric thought gets one in trouble. Ars Technica of all sites should know better.

PirateThom mentioned this in his kickoff post.

On a side note:

"...anyone agrees with him and disagees with anyone that says he doesn't know what he's talking about."

Just a thought, since you were correcting someone on the spelling of 'irk', you might want to double check your own posts. It is 'disagree'.

Everyone has spelling errors. Usually unintentional. I have a few in this thread. But people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones...

The Lazy One3619d ago

look into it more.

360's third party sales revenue as of septemberish were more than twice as much as PS3's in the US.

EA had a funky reporting system that didn't include some multi-platform titles for the 360. Ubi released 3 games on PS3 to 2 on 360 for their european report where the ps3 outsold at around 3:2 (SHOCK!), Konami had MGS4 for PS3, and Activision predicted greater growth from PS3 but not greater sales as of yet.

pavarotti3619d ago

just last week they had their figures published, and they were making far more on the 360!!

AAACE53619d ago

You guys really are defensive!

These are just numbers! The same numbers that have been going on for years that you never cared about until a couple years ago.

All that really matters is if "YOU" are buy games. And if you truely like the games you are buying and playing.... nothing more!

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pp3619d ago

It's Quite sad and amusing whats happening to PS3 .Now let me see Cry Laugh Cry Laugh Cry Laughahahahahahha hahhahahahaha hahahahahhaha.

lokiroo4203619d ago

PP I thought I told you to drop the titty!

truehunter3619d ago

Its sad to say Gears of War 2 shouldnt be name title as AAA. It has bug n glitch. Look up AAA title listed. It claim bug free ??? So far Gears 2 has bugs i dont get why ppl cant see tha prize.

Longer answer:
There is a debate that takes into considering several aspects that AAA titles should have. Some of the most common qualities that AAA titles should have (according to some experts) are:
- High-quality
- Broad market
- High sales
- Large teams
- Big budget
- Polished audio-visual direction
- Perfect technical and artistic execution
- Playable & fully enjoyable within the first five minutes of play
- Exhaustively testes
- Bug free
- Great usability
- Continous, balanced entertainment from beginning to end
- Great graphical user interface
- First place in the markets, and great marketing
- Hype

Some of the qualities are more arguable than others (like playability in 5 minutes). Some argue whether AAA titles should have certain budget or certain amount of sales.

In general, AAA refers to a game of the highest quality.

Magic_The_Celt3619d ago

why are you crying pp? is it because XBL is still broken?

Magic_The_Celt3619d ago (Edited 3619d ago )

Tell that to EA and ubisoft

i just dont listen nor trust this crap anymore, one person says one thing then another says another thing which contradicts the other, both are supposed "experts" or "analyist" or weird guy in his basement but whatever

sales mean nothing to gamers, so why do you care? i mean its a games console right? so shouldnt you care about the games

and let me see, PS3 currently has the highest rated exlusive title.

the Wii has proven my point quite nicely, would you say the wii is a better console than the 360 or ps3? of course not, and yet it out sells both on a monthly basis

sales mean f*ck all

jack who3619d ago

The PS3 has only 17 games that have to date sold over a million copies (Xbox 360 has 47)

wanna try the 2 million mark?

Tell that to EA, activison and ubisoft.

Magic_The_Celt3619d ago

^ edited for your liking

i dont care if the ps3 has sold 12 games out of pure luck rofl

because it dont change a thing, it doesnt make the quality of a game less or more or the quality of a console less or more.

want to explain to me why the Wii is out selling the 360? i mean by your logic the Wii must be better

looks like you backed the wrong horse! rofl go with nintendo next time

after all

Better Sales = Better Console/Game

RIGHT? lmfao

jack who3619d ago

360 = best hardware = best software = games come out on 360 sell a mili in weeks.

doshey3619d ago

wow i guess rrod makes 360 the best hardware right or maybe it is the fact ur just a dumbass who is going to lose his virginity to his 360 while it rrod before it see ur junk because it sees how much of a loser u are

Magic_The_Celt3619d ago

LMFAO oh you did not just tell me the 360 has the best hardware

come on old jacky boy we both know that ones just TO easy and we both know it isnt true

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DiabloRising3619d ago

Multiplatform is a publisher's best bet. Hence why more companies are doing it. Resistance 2, Gears 2, Fable 2, Socom all could have effectively almost doubled their numbers if they were multiplatform.

aaquib093619d ago

Games like Resistance and Gears get a lot of their hype just because of the fact that they are exclusive. Not to say that they aren't good games, but when it's exclusive, and it's awesome, it generates hype.

socomnick3619d ago

yup had resistance been multiplatform it would have sold half a million and not have gotten a sequel. It would have been forgotten. But since it was exclusive fanboys rallied around it and praised it.

Bodhi3619d ago

This is completely true, if Assassin's Creed was exclusive to any one console, it would be praised and it's flaws would be overlooked by many. Hell, people would include the game in it's list of exclusive games that look beautiful on said console.

People would even go as far as say it couldn't be done on the other console which everyone knows isn't true.