Out of Eight: Feyruna 2 - The Druids Review

Out of Eight writes: "It's not very often that you get a sequel that is almost completely different from its predecessor. But that's the case with Feyruna 2, sequel to last year's Feyruna, and game I thought pretty highly of. Instead of catching fairies with your magic wand, this time you are indirectly piloting a sphere towards various goals in a 2-D maze. I suppose Feyruna 2 uses the same background story as the original, but the sequel moniker is really unnecessary. Personally, I would have gone with "Sphere Rolling Using Teleporters and Powers and Druids Extravaganza Deluxe." Hey, I just review the games, OK?"

The Good:
+Intuitive controls
+Fairly unique with three different game modes

The Not So Good:
-Tedious and repetitive in most levels
-Very slow pace
-Can't skip levels
-No level editor
-Bland graphics and sound

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