LittleBigPlanet: Geosautus Interviewed

Geosautus: "They need to sort this stuff out. I usually spend about a week or so building and testing each level before publishing it, so if both my levels have indeed been moderated that's two weeks of work wasted. What makes it all even more frustrating is that when some of my levels were stolen (e.g. copied and republished), they didn't do anything about it. So stolen levels are okay, great levels are not. Nice. The moderating system is clearly broken."

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Yi-Long3656d ago

MM have spent years making a great (already a classic) game, and now the harsh moderating (by Sony) is killing it.

It's just another example of Sony shooting itself in the foot, expecting the gamers will just accept every dumb thing they do or say anyway.

This whole moderating system needs to get fixed fast, cause it makes no sense whatsoever.

Miraak82 3656d ago

ummm don't you have the option to let other people copy and repblish a lvl, if ur gonna whine about that its ur own dam fault

ianp6223656d ago

I don't remember that option being in the beta.

beast3656d ago

Thats exactly what i was thinking. You have an option to make sure no one copy it if you dont want them to

Kyur4ThePain3656d ago

You can set that option to prevent your level being copied.
Someone's being a dodo.

nofilter3656d ago

Er, I think you all missed the point he was making, did you even read the whole thing?