Exclusive Fotoshoot with Alison Carroll on Next08

Some new exclusive photos from Alison Carroll, good quality so you can zoom in. Taken on Next08 in belgium.

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Rick Astley3387d ago

God this movie's gonna suck.

Kingsora3386d ago

Movie? Anyhow she's not ugly but she's not that cute..

micro_invader3386d ago

Agreed, and I think she's a bit too muscly but I guess that because she is actually a gymnast.

dude_uk3386d ago

not muscly, she's perfectly toned and perfectly hot =P

Jotenks3386d ago

Her bust is nice...well very nice, but her face doesn't really portray lara to much for me. Suppose after seeing Angelina so much, she looks more or less like a younger version of lara though.

DaftMav3386d ago

She does look a lot more like the Lara from the games though, more than Angelina. But yeah, she may look a bit too cutesy and young after Angelina's movies. Perhaps a prequel where she plays a younger Lara might be interesting.

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JohnCarpenter3386d ago

Well, Angelina is very focused on her kids now. Maybe a new actor as Lara is needed. But a promotion models chances are very low at all.