Games Are Evil | Mirror's Edge Review

Games Are Evil summarizes: "Innovation and experimentation should be applauded, especially in an industry so often stuck on sequels and rushed knock offs of whichever genre is hot at the time. Mirror's Edge is certainly a fresh, new experience and so in the that regard we praise it highly.

However, all is not well. For every moment of greatness with which you're provided you're force feed other content which is dull, head-smashingly frustrating and outright poorly designed."

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CrAppleton3654d ago

Man.. that's really a drag. I was expecting so much from this game. After the demo I hoped we'd all be practicing our free running. Great review though, I like how you touched on all the greatness that was just fingertips away.

The Matrix3654d ago

I'm somewhat skeptic of a review site called "games are evil." The biggest thing I've heard about Mirror's Edge is that it's a good game but it's really short (>8 hours).

killyourfm3654d ago

Then you haven't checked out the site. If we truly believed games WERE evil, we would have given this and every other game a 0/5 :-)

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