Tech2: MotoGP 08 Review

Tech2 writes: "The MotoGP series has seen multiple developers taking a crack at it. This year we have Italian developer Milestone (the team behind the Superbike series) take over from MotoGP 07 developer Climax. Let's see if this change of developers proves to be a positive one.

Being the official game of the 2008 season, MotoGP 08 features all the official riders, bikes, and tracks from this year's event, providing fans of the series with the most definitive MotoGP racing experience. The biggest change in this year's iteration is arguably the addition of 125cc and 250cc bikes to the lineup."

+Official game of MotoGP 08
+Features fully licensed riders, manufacturers and tracks
+Solid gameplay mechanic
+Impressive graphics
+Nicely modeled bikes and tracks
+Great wet weather effects

-Doesn't do much to introduce non-fans to the franchise
-Braking system feels loose and lacks grip
-Presentation feels incomplete
-Sound is strictly functional

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