RPG Vault: Alpha Protocol Interview - Part 2

RPG Vault writes: "It's 2009. An optimist would have hoped to see the world a better place by now. That simply hasn't happened. On the other hand, civilization hasn't collapsed due to corruption within its major governments, or obliterated itself in a mindless paroxysm of nuclear self-destruction. So, Earth is largely unchanged, neither an idyllic utopia nor a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Of course, this also means there are many nations, regions, corporations, organizations and factions seeking to advance their own interests, beliefs and agendas. Disagreements are commonplace. Some are recent, while others have lasted for decades or even centuries. On occasion, these situations flare up into outright hostilities, but most of the time, they fester in a shadowy realm of conspiracy, innuendo and intrigue that is outside the public eye. As a result, the threats they pose, while still very real, are effectively invisible.

Alpha Protocol is Obsidian's RPG in which you're Michael Thorton, an operative employed by the titular agency, which is so secretive that almost no one knows it exists. Its purpose is to do the jobs no one else will, the ones they don't want to be associated with, but that still have to be done. One such task is finding out how a high-tech US missile system made its way into the hands of someone who used it to blast a commercial airliner out of the Eastern European skies. Naturally, you'll also want to be certain the culprits are held accountable. As always, our mission objective was clear immediately, to learn as much about the game as possible. We got of to a great start by questioning Lead Designer Chris Avellone, Senior Producer Ryan Rucinski and Systems Lead Matt MacLean."

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