WorthPlaying: New Xbox Experience Preview

WorthPlaying writes: "With the New Xbox Experience, or NXE as it's called for short, Microsoft is bringing quite a few changes to the Xbox 360 that you know and love. Some of the changes are minor, some are major, but all of them are permanent. Once you update to the NXE dashboard, there's no going back. Since the update is required if you connect to Xbox Live, it's time to say goodbye to the blades and get ready to embrace change.

The NXE update goes live early Wednesday morning, but we've taken an early look at the software so that you'll know what to expect. Unlike prior dash updates, the NXE requires external storage. This means that you'll need either a hard drive or a memory card (128MB or greater) attached to your Xbox 360 in order to properly install the NXE dash. If you own an Xbox Premium, Halo or Elite edition, you're good to go, as all of those systems came with hard drives. If you own an Xbox Core or Arcade system and haven't upgraded with a hard drive, you'll want to head over to the Xbox Storage Upgrade Program and take advantage of one of the upgrade offers."

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bomboclaat_gamer3677d ago

only 3 more days. wow. wednesday ima wake up and head on xbox live with butterflies in my tummy. going ..ooh.ooooh.oooh.ooooh.

Arsenic133677d ago

I got into the preview. Everything is very smooth but there are some unnecessary options. Its going to be amazing when everyone else has it. The 3D friends list is kinda of annoying, and I really hope the Avatars get some love. I would hate to see it go the way of the Vision camera games.