PSP clone plays retro NES games

Sure, this portable gaming system might LOOK just a little bit like the Sony PSP, but don't expect it to play any games made in the last 15 years.

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Danieru sho3676d ago

I'm actli th first to leave a comment. Whoo hoo!!

Marceles3676d ago

Real PSP can also play "retro" NES games

hotrider123676d ago

marceles how do you know that for a fact??? psp plays "retro" NES GAMES?? but still you cant beat 50.00 for handheld console craps psp cost 199.00 here in the u.s.

firetaw3676d ago

give the guy some creadit for putting some effort into shoping this. seriously doubt someone would have the programming and tech knowledge to pull of something like this. but if this isnt shop well good for them for recycling goods from the past.

Rapture3333676d ago

Well if you have CFW as I do then you could download a NES emulator as I have.