OXM UK: What We Want To See In Gears 3

Epic is probably on a well-deserved holiday right now, sipping cocktails and playing beach volleyball while chilling out.

Inevitably, there will be a sequel. There has to be. Gears of War is too big a series, the storyline has too many unanswered questions. But what does OXM UK want to see in the sequel? What can Gears of War 3 do to make the experience even better than this time round?

* More Outdoor Areas
* Play As Side Character
* Self-Contained Storylines
* Four-player co-op

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yaboi3653d ago

the 2nd has only been out like 9 days.
but anyway those would be some cool features
but hopefully there is alot more.

DiabloRising3653d ago

Because Yaboi, this market's media is based entirely on hype these days instead of substance. You spend months and months hyping the next big thing, give it a 1 page review, then instantly its on to the next thing... making it seem bigger, badder, and more important regardless of whether or not it will be. No one takes time to actually discuss things anymore it seems in the context of the game at hand, its all about the sequel now! Its a blurb and then its on to the next hype train.

Sad eh? Unfortunately it seems newer gamers are being bred this way too... with companies like Gamestop saying beat it in a week! Faster you finish, the more trade in credit you get! It's a sorry cycle IMHO.

GWAVE3653d ago

@ Onslaught

Very true. +Bubbles for you. Gamers these days are being bred to be impatient, demanding, rabid fanboys, and it breaks my heart. The "play then move on" mindset is very prevalent. I see it the most on the 360 but it is present on all platforms. I put some of the blame on Trophies/Achievements, and the media's habit to hype a big game and then move on also contributes.

Just the other day I was talking about Valkyria Chronicles (the most innovative JRPG that I've played in years) with a friend on PSN and he asked me if there were Trophies. When I said "No" he told me that he wasn't interested in the game. On multiple occasions I've had XBL users boot me from matches or report me (?!?) simply because my Gamerscore was lower than theirs. And I'm not speculating. The people said up front "I'm gonna report you, *n-word* 'cause you don't *f-ing* headshot me with such a low Gamerscore".

Bodhi3653d ago

Wow GWAVE, what game do you play and who the hell were you playing with. Sh*t like that never happens to me while playing Halo 3 or CoD4. The worst I've ever had is little kids swearing which I gladly muted in seconds. I've been paying for Live for 4 years now, since the original Xbox and I've yet met any of these people online.

I'm sure they exist, I've actually seen it on Resistance: Fall of Man once. Ridiculous punks they were, racial slurs and such. It was a clan with the tag of xSnKx. They couldn't really report me or kick me because there's not report feature on the PS3 but it's all the same. People online are assholes, people should live with this, mute and carry on.

What games exactly have the kick feature in them anyways?

Half the people don't have time to actually go to my Gamertag and report or look at my gamerscore as most of them don't care. My advice to avoid these guys: Don't use the Underground or Pro gamer zones. Use the Family or Recreation gamer zones.

DevastationEve3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

online sportsmanship is a toilet bowl at best. i'm almost to afraid to go online in gears anymore! and it's all because of this hardcore attitude. and that's because of fanboyism and overhype! like they have to friggin be on their game like its the SATs or something.

@ below

I agree with you. There are certain ammenities we have at our disposal. But then having to play ALL of your matches on mute means you can now put that headset away. Which means people ARE ruining the experience, since you're now taking away a piece of the experience just to be able to bypass the negativity.

Bodhi3653d ago

Funny how everyone complains that there is poor sportsmanship online when there's a mute feature. This problem is widespread, if you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen. Competition is competition, without a referee in a game of football, do you really think that players would play nicely? I don't. If you play with strangers there's bound to be problems, if you play with friends, problems won't be that common.

There's a feature that mutes everyone that's not on your team.
There's a feature that mutes everyone that's not on your friend's list.
There's a feature that mutes everyone all together.
There's always private chat with friends, expanded to 8 on Wednesday.
There's always the option to play with friends only, add people you like playing with and play with them.

Sure it's not very nice when people start yelling at you but there's always a quick mute button.

You don't have to be scared to play online, words are words. What confuses me is the kicking thing, how do you kick someone from a game online? Do you join their custom matches? If you play with someone in a custom match, you usually do know them. The only game I can think of that matchmakes you with people with an option to kick is Left 4 Dead and that game you should play with friends.

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Mr PS33653d ago

Finally get it on !!!
These 2 Queers of War Have Been Flirting for 2 Games Now
What a Pair of Pansies

Bet The Bots cant Wait to see Marcus Kick Doms's Backdoor In !!!

The Stuttttterer3653d ago

Is that what Cliffy B means when he says B B B BadAss

Hellsvacancy3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

Not a 360 exclusive - I lie i lie i couldnt really care

Bit of a poor joke i know

The Matrix3653d ago

What I want for Gears 3 is to be able to rip people in half. Forget the chainsaws, use your bare hands!

Damphear3653d ago

use of a better gaming engine

UNE is fail boat

Bodhi3653d ago

Or rip a locust's arm off and beat him to death with it in an execution like they originally planned.

fafoon3653d ago

Is Fantastic !!!

But 4 Player Co op is a Must on the Next Game

GWAVE3653d ago

1. A decent storyline
2. Decent characters that I can actually take seriously
3. A campaign longer than 6 hours
4. A campaign that isn't on-rails the entire time
5. Less texture pop-in
6. More than 10 enemies on the screen at a time

But EPIC will not deliver. They never do.

Shadow Man3653d ago

It is longer than 6 hoour, it took me 20hrs to complete the game.

Just because they don't develop great games on the ps3 doesn't mean they don't deliver.

Fux4Bux3653d ago

The story, dialogue, and characters are a complete joke. Seriously no one gives a sh*t about Dom and Maria. Shut up and make an epic kill fest.

Vehicle sections blow chunks too.

Still not a bad game at all just some glaring flaws that could've easily been avoided.

Dark_Vendetta3653d ago

Sorry I usually don't reply on such comment but I want to prove that you never played GoW2.
(I won't go into detail with the storyline because there are people who think it's good, others don't. At least it's an big improvement to the first one)
1. A campaign longer than 6 hours = It takes longer to complete the game even on easy.
2. Less texture pop-in = there are almost none (I don't even remember seeing one in the hole campaign)
3. More than 10 enemies on the screen at a time = and this is the biggest indication that you never played the game

Why do you actually have to talk down a game that so many other gamers enjoyed. Oh wait, right because you're most likely a fanboy

GWAVE3653d ago

@ Shadow Man

If Gears 2 took you 20 hours to complete...I'm sorry, but you suck at video games. Either that, or you're lying to make the game seem longer than it really is.

@ Dark Vendetta

1. It took me 6 hours and 5 minutes on the Normal setting playing alone and 4 hours and 32 minutes on Hard setting playing with a buddy. Try again please.

2. So just because you didn't see it means that it doesn't exist? Puleeeze. Unreal Engine is famous for texture pop-in and Gears 2 is no exception.

3. If you are counting the "mindless horde" sections to be times when the game shows more than 10 enemies, then you fail. The firefights are all small and never surpassed the size of the original Gears (in terms of enemies displayed on screen). Okay, so maybe 10 enemies is a bit low. 12 or 15 max is more like it, but that's nothing compared to games like Left 4 Dead or Resistance 2, especially when EPIC bragged so much about having bigger battles.

thenickel3653d ago

I mean what the he11 are you guys talking about? The story was very good and who cares how many enemies were on the screen at once because the game was still great. Visually I don't see anything taking the Gears2 crown for awhile. There just too much detail everywhere going on in Gears 2 so quit the hating already.

Bodhi3653d ago

Dark Vendetta's right, you must've never played Gears of War 2 or mistaken it for another game if those are you complaints.

1. A decent storyline - Opinion based.

I don't know what you consider a good storyline but Gears of War 2 WAS decent in storyline. Unless you wanted an agent injected into a spy causing to him to age prematurely, killing people on a list around him with heartattacks, private militarization and cheesy dialogue but amazing voice acting.

2. Decent characters that I can actually take seriously - Opinion. I took Tai pretty seriously, by serious, do you mean an explorer that finds his ancestor's coffin and discovers a diary inside detailing the location of the El Dorado?

3. A campaign longer than 6 hours - Undisputed proof you didn't play Gears of War 2 and you got this information off the Internet. Playing on Normal, it took me 6:30hrs to get from Act 2, Part 2 to Act 4, Part 3... WITH A FRIEND ON CO-OP!

4. A campaign that isn't on-rails the entire time - If you call a quarter of each Act the whole game, fine.

5. Less texture pop-in - I agree with this but it's not that big of a glaring flaw, it's more of a technical thing with the UE3. Sad I know, but it can be fixed with installing the game on NXE.

6. More than 10 enemies on the screen at a time - Once again, undisputed proof you didn't play Gears of War 2, there's at least 12 locusts on screen in Horde and Campaign mode. There's hells more if you count the waves and waves of locusts all around you on the ground.

green3653d ago

sorry but you fail because you have not played Gears 2 at all.4 hours to beat lol.

GWAVE3653d ago


Look at all the disagrees and fanboys thinking I didn't play Gears 2. It's so easy to rile you kids up. I really don't have to justify myself. The fact that you take Gears 2's storyline and characters seriously is reason enough for me to question your tastes in video games. Heck, it makes me wonder how long you've actually played video games. Let me guess: Ninja Gaiden 2 and BK:Nuts and Bolts have an engaging narrative, too, in your opinions.

@ Bodhi #2

At first I thought you were joking, but then I realized you actually think the characters in Gears are more developed than the characters in Uncharted. Then I laughed.

thenickel3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

Even if you did play the game who cares lol. Just please quit throwing around the word fanboy when your one of the biggest ones on this site with some type of agenda. Talk about one ignorant silly kid doing everything he or she can do to try and annoy people. Also Gears 2 slaughters uncharted so please stop making yourself look stupid.

Bodhi3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

I wasn't being sarcastic or funny, if you thought MGS or Uncharted had good storylines or serious characters, I laugh at you.

As far as video games storylines, MGS series was OK. If you took that storyline and put it into a movie, it'd be flogged to death by movie critics. I applaud Kojima for making a long story arch but honestly, MGS was like Lost, it seemed like the writers were making things up as they went along. Gears of War 2 is included, it has a pretty mediocre storyline and mediocre characters for the most part, some of it was good.

I only said I took Tai seriously, just because he wasn't a cowboy, just because he wasn't a hardcore monster on the battlefield, because he has deep meaning.

If you took Drake running around by himself killing Mexicans and uncovering temples by himself was more serious than 6 soldiers. I laugh at you. Sully and Elena are there, never both at the same time but do they really help you? Not in my experience, they ran around and Sully especially spouted cheesy one liners like Gears of War 2.

Really, no games have succeeded in making a serious storyline, some games succeeded in making serious characters though.

DiabloRising3653d ago

I wasn't being sarcastic or funny, if you thought MGS or Uncharted had good storylines or serious characters, I laugh at you.

Perhaps you could tell me why the MGS storyline wasn't a good one? I'd like to hear your opinion on this. MGS at its surface is convoluted, sure, but if you take the time to really look at it, there is so much there both in terms of plot, as well as in terms of commentary, subtext and themes.

I'd easily put MGS as probably the best multiple title sustained storyline ever, something that many games shy away from.

Bodhi3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

Look, I love Metal Gear Solid, the game series. I do not love Metal Gear Solid, the dialogue, or Metal Gear Solid, the overblown cutscenes.

The FoxDie... The heartattacks... The "I KNEW YOU'RE MY TWIN BROTHER SNAKE!"... It all seems so tacked on... And that was only the first game, it got progressively worse.

Maybe it's just a translation thing? Maybe it all sounds and is amazing if you listen to it all in it's original Japanese. But that doesn't excuse the fact that all of the "important issues" are handled with a callous disregard for subtlety. Kojima does not have any qualms about screaming "NUKES ARE BAD, PRIVATE MILITARIZATION IS BAD, CENSORSHIP IS BAD" into your ear.

The games are so anvilicious. The dialogue is often awkward. I will say that the voice acting, and the voice actors themselves are outstanding. It's just a shame they have such an awkward script to work with, for example:


Speaking of which, Big Boss? The Boss was an acceptable name. Big Boss sounds like something a 4 year old would call himself when he goes on a power trip.

I don't really care for everytime Kojima goes on one of those "deep and meaningful" tirades. MGS1 it was all about genes, MGS2 was all about information control and memes, MGS3 was not quite as bad, then MGS4 hammers it home about NANO-NANO-NANOMACHINES and Private Military Corporations. Then the end with Zero and Big Boss.... YEAH...

Then the thing with Liquid Ocelot at the end of MGS4?

I love the series, but the storyline is so anticlimactic. I'm not hating on the game, it just makes me mad that the storyline is so incoherent at times and people still think it's the most amazing storyline ever. Come on.

DiabloRising3653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

I respect your opinion but kindly disagree. Gears 2's storyline was mediocre and passable at best. I guess part 1 had such a lack of it, that the only way to really go was up. I didn't give a damn about ANY of the cliche action movie characters, and 90% of their dialogue (Marcus: What the hell are you talkin about?) was so poorly delivered via grunts it made me laugh.

That's the thing though, I absolutely love it for things like FoxDie, the Les Enfants Terribles Project, S3, GOTP, etc. It didn' feel tacked on at all to me. What felt tacked on is Dom's bit in Gears 2. It's like Cliffy said Hey we need drama, let's toss in this subplot... people don't play Gears for the drama, why bother wasting time on it? Gears 1 KNEW it was cliche and reveled in it, and I appreciated it for that. Gears 2 just doesn't click for me.

As for the callous degree of subtlety, I agree with that, and its one of my main issues with the series. Still, the subtext accompanying things like "censorship is bad" in MGS2 are boardering on brilliance. I mean, the parallels of Raiden being the player, S3 being the videogame, how you do what you are told... the irony of a game about censorship itself being censored due to 9/11... how the message of controlled information permeated even the ads campaign by hiding Raiden. There's so much to it, and people just shrug it off without a second thougth sadly because you can't chainsaw someone.

As for Big Boss... he was named that way back in the 1980s during the development of MG for the MSX2 because well.. he was literally the final boss. Bit of a pun.


Then the thing with Liquid Ocelot at the end of MGS4? Did you ever take the time to think about the implications of said revelation though? Quantifying a person's identity into hard information and grafting it onto oneself... what does that say about our own identity and who we are in the end?

As for the anticlimatic comment... I find a bit poetic that not only are Liquid and Snake the ONLY two people in the ENTIRE WORLD fighting at that moment, but that for all Snake's fighting of evil and being a tool of war, it is the innocent Sunny who is able to topple the Patriots without firing a single shot.

Granted, this is my point of view, and your issues are ENTIRELY valid, I just don't agree with all of them. Gears gave me a summer movie rollercoaster, one where I enjoyed the ride and quickly forgot it. MGS has given me characters that will stay with me for a long time to come. And that is not knocking on Gears at all, because what it does, it does great. But the human element, for me, is entirely absent.

Thanks for taking the time to answer.

elorm93653d ago (Edited 3653d ago )

"I wasn't being sarcastic or funny, if you thought MGS or Uncharted had good storylines or serious characters, I laugh at you."

Wow... I don't mind your other points but this is where I draw the line. Though I can't speak for Uncharted since I haven't played it, I'll speak for MGS instead.

IMO, the whole plot is so complex that you can't fit in one game. It's been 20 years in the making. You have to at least play MGS1 - MGS3 to at least gain some understanding. That's why some newcomers to the series , didn't like MGS4 or thought it was a "movie". I really wasn't surprised by the long cutscenes because they've been doing this kind of thing since MGS1.

Then again, name me a game with a plot, that is so full of symbolism and complexion. If you think Gears 2 had a good plot, you've got another thing coming. Though I can't really speak for the game, my friends who got it say they didn't buy it for the story and that it was for the MP. You can argue about how MGO is terrible (I agree anyway), but you can't say that the plot in Gears is better than MGS. People who play MGS don't play it for the MP, they play it for the story.

TheCagyDies3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

1. A decent storyline

I disagree there, the new writer did an absolute great job with the series of events and dialog and it was an excellent parallel in the delta squad having Marcus and Dom supporting the drama, sadness, and rage in the game and Baird and Cole supporting as comic relief...

2. Decent characters that I can actually take seriously

Don't disrespect the Cole Train... None of the characters in Gears are trash, great characters with unique personalities... Yeah I know that Cole, Baird, and Carmine served as comic relief but Richard Prescott, Anya, Marcus, Dom, and Tai were extremely serious and I recognized their struggle to win the war.

3. A campaign longer than 6 hours

Like 8 hours on hardcore..

5. Less texture pop-in

There are some but it wasn't even close to being annoying...

6. More than 10 enemies on the screen at a time

Act 1 Chapter 4
Right at the beginning, around 80 enemies coming from a hole, you can shoot them all and restart checkpoint to boost for the seriously 2.0 achievement...

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