Capcom Going PSN Exclusive? Rumor: Half Life 3 Xbox answer to killzone 2 hiphopgamershow 11/16/08

* Half-Life 3? 360's answer to killzone 2
* Xbox360 25 million at the end of the year
* Playstation Home Will Not Match XboxLive Day1
* Call Of Duty 6 To Be Sci-Fi?
* Game Review - Gears Of War 2
* Much Much More Enjoy The Show

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PirateThom3655d ago

Half-Life 3?

They still need to work on Episode 3.

Half-Life 3 will be 2012 at the earliest.

Kain813655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

publisher EA???

CEO OF N4G3655d ago

Im sorry but i dont think that the 360 has an answer to killzone2.....

chaosatom3655d ago

And to think that it would even have a chance of competiting with Killzone 2, is ridiculous.

MURKERR3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

consoles in 2months?

2months ago they were at 22mill,doesnt anyone find this strange?

BULLSH!T ms spinning numbers and how much of that 22mill are replacemant consoles?

wheres the evidence?financial sheets that nintendo and sony show to prove their units sold? ms still havnt shown this they decieve just like they decieved over rrod fully well knowing it was a big problem but still put it into production what kinda company does untrust worthy company thats who

The Matrix3655d ago

Valve has just finished Left 4 Dead and they probably haven't even started on Half-Life 3 (maybe some concepts but that's all). I wouldn't expect Half Life 3 until 2010 at the earliest.

Anton Chigurh3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

"Half life feels so old and out dated now."

the most $tupid thing I have ever heard

lets take a look at Half life 1 & 2 scores

and killzone

yeah Half life is so [email protected] outdated

poopsack3655d ago

what does a review score have to do with how outdated the source engine is?

Dark_Vendetta3655d ago

Valve said that they are first making episode3 (which could take longer this time, according to the devs), and after that they will probably end the series with HL3 and a new engine (but there won't be such a big time gab like between the first and the second one).
This doesn't sound like it would come out the next few years.

@Kain81: Can you show me your source (for episode 3 being HL3)? I wouldn't be too happy with that :(

Kain813655d ago

i have send you a PM.
The news is in German you must use google translate or somthing like that

ultimolu3655d ago

That's what I'm thinking...

Is there any evidence of that?

Bodhi3655d ago

You guys do realize that it's ILLEGAL to fake your numbers, right? If Microsoft really did fake their numbers, by now, somebody would have found out and sued them hardcore and leave with sacks of cash. If they really did use the replacement consoles as "shipped" numbers, how would that affect "installed" or "sold" numbers? Conspiracy theories these days...

It wasn't 22 million 2 months ago, I don't know where you're getting this info. Microsoft said they're getting close to 25 million.

If you guys really doubt Valve and Half Life 3 (which isn't coming in a really long time, 2011 at least) you are sad sad human beings, or deep in denial. They always come out with a new engine with every installment of Half Life. The Source engine actually holds up pretty well this generation, it still looks a hell a lot better than most games.

Half Life will never be old or outdated bro, trust me, I can play the Orange Box now, and still be impressed by the voice acting, the story, the physics, the graphics, everything.

According you guys apparently, nothing will ever top Killzone 2... I don't like this mindset, I want beyond Killzone 2.

CEO OF N4G3655d ago

HAHAHA...hes friend is a true gamer for real...he still got the old school nintendo.... XD

Its nice to see not all people are not fan boys.

GWAVE3655d ago

@ Bodhi

Microsoft has lied about their numbers in the past, both with the XBox brand and with their other products. This is not something new for them. If you disagree, you are either a fanboy or you are ignorant. If you're a fanboy, kindly stop. If you're ignorant, please educate yourself on Microsoft's business practices.

Am I the only one who remember's Microsoft's official word on the RRoD issue being "the number of failures is well within industry standards" until the truth was made known by independent sources?

Kain813655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

you are absolute right about that
after this debacle M$ said the failure rate is 33% but in realty it was Above 60%.
They lied in the face of all Customers

no problem, after that there will be HL4^^

Dark_Vendetta3655d ago

Thx for the URL. Well at least they won't stop the franchise with episode 3

Bladestar3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

"Im sorry but i dont think that the 360 has an answer to killzone2" yeah... just like many people thought that Microsoft had no answer for LBP, Metal Gear 4 and practically every PS3 exclusive game.. and yet there is not one exclusive game on the PS3 that has been able to sell more copies than Halo 3, Gears, etc.... I would like to know what do you mean by Microsoft has no answer? Are you implying that Kill Zone 2 will break all records in terms of sale or people connected online? Because the fact is that until Sony is able to match xbox 360 exclusives in terms of sales; Microsoft has no need of "answering" to anything on the PS3...

I do not trust anything on the PS3 until it proves all the hype... just like every other game before Kill Zone 2 which were hyped as the "Xbox 360 killer and the title that was going to render the xbox 360 useless and force Microsoft to pull out of the game industry" they all failed to do that... instead Microsoft exclusive titles continue to push the boundaries of attach rate and unit sold...

I'm not saying that Kill Zone 2 will not be it... but what other PS3 title has regardless of the certainty of Sony and their fan were able to match the xbox 360 tittle?

If microsoft manages to secure Half Life 3 as a console exclusive; which shouldn't be that hard considering the fact that Valve do not touch the PS3 as far as development is concern... this title will sure sell lots of copies and probably help convert some hardcore PC gamers into buying a 360 as an alternative to gaming.

psnDevistator3563655d ago


comm133655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

HL has been outdate for a LONG time. The fist one was average, the second one was so boring i played 2 hours of it.

And your sorry ass metacritic does not prove anything, I played the games so I know how bad the games are, why would I rely on other people's PAID opinions.

Edit: Bladestar

This isn't an article about Xbox but if you bring it up my little fanboy:

Xbox has no answer for all the games you mentioned, tell me what game on your red box is as innovative as LBP, as cinematic as MGS4?

You bring in number, people buy more games for xbox because a) hell more marketing (halo3 sucked I played it, Geow2 I can't say because I disliked the first one too), if you ever played on PC you will see how average those "exclusives" really are. These games sell because of millions of dollars spend on Marketing, when people buy the game and see how average it is, what do they do? Buy more games hoping the next one will be better so they can play it longer hence bigger attach rate.

Fanboy logic for you there :)

I bought Socom and won't need another shooter at least till Killzone 2 comes out that is how addictive the game is.

Sarcasm3655d ago

"push the boundaries of attach rate and unit sold... "

You see Bladestar, you base how good anything is by how much it's sold. Which is pretty lame.

So by your ridiculous logic, Wii Sports has outsold every single Xbox360 title, so that means Wii Sports is automatically better than Halo 3, Gears 1, Gears 2, Fable 2 etc.

If you were remotely a real gamer, then you'd understand sales do not reflect how good or bad a game is.

And the PS3 delivers super polished games in spades regardless if it sells like crap or not.

Sarcasm3655d ago


It's been almost proven that vgchartz has inflated the 360's install base by at least 1,000,000 units, and continues to do so every month by 50,000 to 100,000 units.

But even with those inflated numbers, a crappy source like VGchartz still reports the 360 at 22.4 million.

DiabloRising3655d ago

"Half life feels so old and out dated now."

the most $tupid thing I have ever heard

lets take a look at Half life 1 & 2 scores

Regardless of L4D's quality, the actual Source engine, technically speaking, DOES feel dated and is showing its age. It happens with any and all tech. Doesn't mean good games can't be made with it.

If you want to use scores to judge how "undated" something is, by all means, let's look at the scores of games like Goldeneye 007 and Ocarina of Time. Since they scored INCREDIBLY high, we should thus not consider them dated, and better then games like Gears 2 and MGS4 by your logic.

Bodhi3655d ago

I stand corrected, the 360 and PS3 are at lower numbers then I once thought. Thanks Sarcasm.

I still don't believe that Microsoft would count replacement consoles as SOLD consoles, I'm sure that's in someway illegal. They might put them down as shipped but there's no way in hell they could count replacement consoles as SOLD consoles.

I know Microsoft loves to lie and inflate numbers but so does all the other companies. I don't doubt that they'll reach 24 million by the end of the year. 2 million from VGChartz isn't that large of a jump from now to the end of year, there's a chance of it reaching 25 million.

comm133655d ago


I still don't believe that Microsoft would count replacement consoles as SOLD consoles, I'm sure that's in someway illegal. They might put them down as shipped but there's no way in hell they could count replacement consoles as SOLD consoles."

If you don't believe it you do not know MS, they always do illegal things and than simply pay a monetary penalty but their goal has been reached regardless.

With the failure rates as bad as they were you can easily write off 30 percent of the consoles sold for the first 2 years as RROD trash.

Bodhi3655d ago

I don't doubt that Microsoft does illegal things, actually, I'm quite aware that they do. They bought out competition before, they lied before, they done it all before.

I'm just saying that if they have been doing it this generation, someone must have caught them, people would want some of Microsoft's money from bribes or suing.

The press would be all over Microsoft once again if they found out the scandal.

lokiroo4203655d ago

Anybody that says MS doesnt lie had their head in the sand. Yeah and windows is all because bill gates right? MS has a legal dreamteam and only has to prove a slight technicality in their favor to delay litigation. That is what they do, stall the prosecution until they run out of resources. Fact is little of what MS says can be taken seriously. Does Vista need replacement already? Was the 360 a stable machine? MS will have all their practices falling back on them ten fold. Supporting their company in my opinion is the wrong thing to do, sure the box can be fun but it hurts everyone involved because it is in reality MICROSOFT.

macalatus3655d ago


What Murkerr meant by "replacement" consoles is the number of brand-new 360 consoles that 360 owners bought FROM retail stores to replace their broken down 360s, NOT the refurbished consoles that MS sent to their owners.

Read between the lines.

Danja3654d ago

Big deal if Half Life 3 . or Episode exclusive to the is Left 4 Dead..I dont see any PS3 owners b!tching..why ?..

Because Valve will never make an 360 game without making a superior version for the PC...and I can always play most 360 exclusives on my big deal.

NickIni3654d ago

"I would like to know what do you mean by Microsoft has no answer? Are you implying that Kill Zone 2 will break all records in terms of sale or people connected online? Because the fact is that until Sony is able to match xbox 360 exclusives in terms of sales"

MS has to answer to KZ2s graphics. That's kind of obvious.

When will you learn sales don't make a game good ffs.

"If microsoft manages to secure Half Life 3 as a console exclusive; which shouldn't be that hard considering the fact that Valve do not touch the PS3 as far as development is concern."

It's more than likely HL3 won't be coming out this gen. Who knows what consoles will be like next gen?

Rock Bottom3654d ago

Capcom Going PSN Exclusive?

I think Capcom made it clear, they're not going exclusive.

Half Life 3 Xbox answer to killzone2?

Hmm, If they released episode 3 in 2009, we might see HL3 as early as 2012, but one thing for sure, HL will always be available on PC.

SuperM3654d ago

So retarded when people talk about games like they are exclusives when they are coming out on PC aswell. Valve is first and foremost a PC developer. Their games will always come out on pc, and the pc version will naturally be the superior version. PC games are cheaper, and FPS is better to play on PC.

Personally i only play FPS on console when they are exclusive to console. I couldnt even dream of playing COD4 on a console. Its not an option when i get the superior experience on my PC at a lesser price point.

DeadlyFire3654d ago

HL3 rumor is BS. Episode 3 is coming in 2009 and after that I say at least 2-3 years before a new one is made. HL3 won't be on the X360 at all. Likely 720/PS4/PC if anywhere in 2012-2013.

GameDev3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

COD:4 is a runny mess, I never saw so much lag in an online game.

I meant the PC version

No Way3654d ago

"BULLSH!T ms spinning numbers and how much of that 22mill are replacemant consoles?"

22 million of them. Bill Gates has bought all 22 million of the consoles reported as sold.


joemayo763654d ago

i sure hope they don't decide to crank out Halo's everyother year, the first was great, Halo 3 on the other hand storywise left much to be desired, Bungie needs to focus on what they plan to achieve with the next halo and not jus release it to counter another console's game (sadly which may end up being the case if MSFT pressures them enough )

morganfell3654d ago

In it's heyday, Half Life was hardly mediocre. It was the gaming public AND media darling. It broke ground even if John Carmack received little credit.

But they have gone back to the well repeatedly. Despite innovations such as the gravity gun, the latest iterations hardly receive the kudos of that first game. Perhaps some of the people here are too young to remember those days.

Half Life hasn't evolved and the fact the game has been outclassed despite having maintained and not screwed it's formula is proof.

kwyjibo3654d ago

Re: Chaostom

Half-Life 2 came out in 2004. Episode Two came out last year, and yes, the episodes haven't progressed the genre as much as the original two games did. But it still received great critical acclaim, and I personally thought the Griggs/Sheckley antlion set piece was the most exhilarating single player moment of 2007.

In comparison, Halo 3, and the original Killzone were outdated before they were even released.

Re: comm13
Just absolutely imbecilic comments from this guy. The first Half-Life was "average" and the second one so boring? By saying that "you played the games", so you can tell us "how bad they are", proves absolutely nothing, bar that you have no taste, or live and breathe in some kind of backwards world. You sound like Play magazine telling everyone how good Sonic the Hedgehog for the 360 was for the exact same reasons.

You start calling out fanboy, but then try a tenuous and ridiculously obtuse argument in trying to explain attach rates. Supposedly calling out "fanboy logic", yet itself being an exemplar of it.

The attach rate is higher for the 360 because it's been out longer and has more games. That's what you should have said, heck, had you just said it was out longer, you'd have looked less like an idiot.

And then you bring up Socom, a facsimile of previous games that brings nothing new, as the second coming. Kind of goes back to the point I made about taste.


And then it goes back to N4G, an agree/disagree comments section which acts as nothing more but an echo chamber for blinkered, emotive responses totally lacking in considered thought or logic. One that enables partisan commentators and their partisan friends to amplify their baseless ideas.

prowiew3654d ago

I can guaranty one thing!. Nobody here watch the hiphopgamershow.

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Deviant3655d ago

Lol @ HL3 being an "xbox answer"
ur headlines always seem to be desperate for hits

egm_hiphopgamer3655d ago

Was up everybody hiphopgamer hear i'm glad you guys are enjoying the show man and Half life 3 is supposed to be exclusive from what i'm hearing behind the scenes i really hope not because the things they are trying to do with that sounds incredible i still don't see anything touching killzone 2 but all remains to be seen. There's people out there that question my credibility in this industry but have you seen the news 1. i spoke about the ps3 new controller and now it's slowly and shortly coming to light in a big way. i also spoke about rare bringing out killer instinct on 360 next year and that game is now in the works so i'll discuss more of that on the next show. as for ps3 games and the hype and sales halo 3 as a brand name sold that game more so as opposed to the game it self, and gears is great hands down but Resistance 2 didn't even come out yet in europe and that's there biggest market and R1 did sell a little over 3 million MGS4 is already close to 5 million and Gears did those numbers and also motorstorm is a big hit LBP is on it's a way to a million plus uncharted, heavenly sword, i mean sony has tons of games that lived up to the hype so forget the media play these games for yourself and then you'll see the difference in exclusives. 1luv and god bless everybody enjoy the show

thebudgetgamer3655d ago

as that will force sony to do even better then hell yea i will be a very happy gamer


Omega43655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

The 360 doesnt need an answer to Killzone it already has enough AAA shooters while the PS3 is still looking for just 1

As for that time of the year Halo wars will be released (not that it matches K2 hype) and then Resident Evil 5 comes out in early march.

And knowing Sony K2 will be released on Feb 28th so there will be enough to play if your a 360 owner when K2 arrives

Also didnt MS say they were going to reach that 25ml milestone at the end of the month?

Deviant3655d ago

u completely miss the point

chaosatom3655d ago

Because 360 can't ever run a graphical beast like Killzone 2.

Sony Rep3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

"The 360 doesnt need an answer to Killzone it already has enough AAA shooters while the PS3 is still looking for just 1"

Well, this is true, except for the fact that while Resistance 2 isn't the ALMIGHTY BIBLE- AAA METACRITIC. It is indeed a great shooter, MP and SP. But, what I would find worrying is the lack of any title worth owning for the 360 in 09. Let me be frank, Sony's lineup>> MS's.

Sony has a lineup of games comprised of first-party exclusives. I think around 6 or 7 in 09. MS doesn't have the luxury of having competent studios,let alone many studios. So, what does the 360 have to offer in 09? DLC? LOL?

"As for that time of the year Halo wars will be released (not that it matches K2 hype) and then Resident Evil 5 comes out in early march."

Halo Wars being an RTS, doesn't really help its appeal to console gamers. It'll be lucky enough to sell a million, if it isn't already vaporware...And Resident Evil 5 is multiplatform. Don't expect any exclusive DLC for it either, as Capcom have already stated they intend to keep all of their games equal and on both platforms.

"And knowing Sony K2 will be released on Feb 28th so there will be enough to play if your a 360 owner when K2 arrives"

Like what..?

"Also didnt MS say they were going to reach that 25ml milestone at the end of the month?"

You expect MS to sell 3 million consoles in a month? Either way, the 360's growth is not impressive. The PS3 will be at at 30+ million in 09, it's third year. As the demand for the 360 dwindles and the demand for the PS3 takes off, it will become clear for MS to drop the price of the 360 to $100.00 to keep up with a $299.99 PS3.

The Matrix3655d ago

Omega, I believe Sony just released a killer FPS called Resistance 2 which knocks the socks off of almost any 360 shooter.

Omega43655d ago

Sony Rep

MS announces games when they are close to release not 5 years before hand so expect a huge load of games to be announced next year, theres already hints at whats coming from Rare already

The Matrix

No just NO!!, dont even bother compare R2 or the Resistance franchise to the shooters on the 360
It just boggles the mind that you would even try

BattleAxe3655d ago

PS3 has just as many shooters as the XBOX does. The only ones we don't have are Gears and Halo. Instead we have Resistance and Killzone and WarHawk and Socom.

bleachrulez3655d ago

says the guy who has an exclusive ps3 game as his avatar

xaviertooth3655d ago

i hope that is true, and if it is, i dunno how microsoft will counter this. that would be the megaton of all megatons!

Omega43655d ago

Battle Axes

LOL your funny, none of those games compare to Halo or Gears in terms of rating, sales and just plain fun. The only people who think otherwise likely own a PS3 and have yet to experience them on the 360.


If you can tell me that same thing after TGS 09 then i will change my avatar otherwise it will remain the same ;)

DiabloRising3655d ago

You're even funnier. Halo and Gears could never compare to the sheer awesomeness and fun of Goldeneye 007 or Perfect Dark.

I'm glad you put so much stock in ratings (which are opinions) and sales (work for MS do ya?). I also like how YOU try to dictate what is "fun" for everyone else. It's that stuck up, foolish mentality that makes me pity fanboys.

BattleAxe3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

@ Omega4

Ratings are not always to be trusted as we all know that MS buys reviews with massive advertising dollars, not to mention all of the XBOX fanboy sites (GameDaily ect...).

I would love to play Gears, I've never tried it before, but I have played Halo2 and Halo 3 and all I can say is that Halo 3 was incredibly over hyped and really isn't that great of a game.

One point I'll make that I think you are missing when you talk about Sony's games not doing as much in sales is that if you look at the PlayStation as a whole, it appeals to a variety of gamers, so theres not one individual game that Sony has thrown massive amounts of advertising behind like MS and HALO. Look, you have:

- God of War
- Killzone
- Socom
- Ratchet and Clank
- Metal Gear Solid
- Resistance
- Gran Turismo
- MotorStorm
- Infamous(2009)
- Syphon Filter(I'm sure a new one will be out soon)
- White Knight Chronicles
- Final Fantasy Versus 13
- WarHawk

I'm sure that I'm missing some, but Sony has so many big exclusive games that If they threw as much money behind marketing all of these games as MS does for Halo, they'd go broke.

The only 2 games that MS needs to worry about are Gears and Halo.

pansenbaer3655d ago

I have played Gears of War and Halo and can honestly say I did not find them to be fun at all. My wife got an Xbox for really cheap that she was going to sell and it had Halo 2. So I gave it a try and couldn't get into it. It just felt too fake. The guns felt fake, the environments looked fake, etc. As for Gears, I actually just played it for the first time about a week ago. I really wanted to see what was so great about it. I borrowed my friends 360 and sat down and played for a solid 2 hours. Talk about a chore. I did not enjoy ANY of it. I tried to keep going, but I couldn't. ::Run into room, get ready to fight, someone yells, 'TAKE COVER', kill 4 or 5 guys, advance, REPEAT:: Couple the game structure with the horrible story, the unrealistic 'roadie run' (yes it really does bother me that a 250lb guy plus 50+ pounds of armor can run faster when he is crouching), and the horrible 'take-cover-before-you-launch- over-a-wall' cover system and I couldn't take it. Fun is obviously subjective, but I would take any of those games that BattleAxe mentioned over Gears or Halo ANY day.

Omega43655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )


Lucky that the developer who made those two games is owned by MS then isnt it ;)


The reason MS markets Gears and Halo so much is because they know they are guaranteed to get their moneys worth back in sales. If they used a similar budget to market games like Viva Pianta or Banjo the chances they would only sell a tiny bit better not enoough so that it was worth the money

"if you look at the PlayStation as a whole, it appeals to a variety of gamers"
Your right, out of the 3 Sony does have a lot of variety but thats sadly its major downfall. MS and Nintendo get mega sales because they have a specific target audience, since Sony's is all other the place the sales of their games suffer. Why do you think LBP sales were so low, if it was on Wii it would of sold millions by now because nintendo has LBP's target audience. Sony tries to market its games but they still fail to have huge sales becaues the people who buy the PS3 are unlikely to want to play games like God of War, Killzone 2 AND LBP and Ratchet and Clank (unless your a hardcore gamer who plays everything)

Also to be honest i dont now why Ms does market Halo and Gears so much because they would sell millions regardless.

comm133655d ago

I had the exact same experience as you.

DiabloRising3655d ago

Pity that most of the talent at Rare from that era is gone now, isn't it? Owning a company isn't the same as keeping the talent. Seems people forget about that as they praise names and not the hard workers behind them.

Goldeneye 007 > anything this generation

Argento-Nox3653d ago


You mention that PS3 is failing for not catering to a small portion of the market, yet the PS2 wiped the floor last generation by providing games for everyone.

Where the hell would all us gamers be if Sony didn't support Rockstars GTA on the PS1, why is there even Lips on the 360 if Sony's Singstar didn't bring in that segment of gaming (if you'll call it that)?

Not every game on the PS2 was a million unit seller, but it provided
something for everyone. If it didn't cater to different groups of people, it wouldn't have smoked the competition by selling over 100 million units of hardware.

If MS was doing such a phenomenal job catering only to a specific gaming market (fps and tps), why do they need games like Mass effect, Bioshock, Banjo Kazooe, Fables 2, or Lips etc. In fact why bother with Jrpg's, flixster, Lips or even avatars when it's all about a specific group of gamers?

Let's be honest, if MS didn't have multi-platform games that catered to more people than your leading us to believe, they'd have lost their lead by now.

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N4PS3G3655d ago

ohh..the hiphopgamer show we go again .. *sighs*

jack who3655d ago

* Half-Life 3? 360's answer to killzone 2....(lol no 360 doesnt need an answer to killzone)
* Xbox360 25 million at the end of the year(try month)
* Playstation Home Will Not Match XboxLive Day1(you think? what happend you changed your mind about home now?)
* Call Of Duty 6 To Be Sci-Fi? (were u been under a rock? this has been known for awhile now)

seee u next week hiphop gamer

GWAVE3655d ago

25 million SOLD by the end of the year? Methinks no. Just because Microsoft is cramming retailers full of 360 units (which they have done in the past) up to the 25 mil mark doesn't mean that they have actually SOLD 25 million. Most estimates put the 360 at about 22.5 or 23 million. Do you honestly think the 360 will sell 2 million units in half a month?

jack who3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

sold to retailers....

At the BMO Capital Markets Interactive Entertainment Conference on Thursday, Microsoft said it expects to hit a notable milestone with the Xbox 360.

"By the end of this month, we expect our global installed base to reach 25 million units, surpassing that of the first Xbox," said Mindy Mount, CFO of the firm's Entertainment & Devices Division.

ravinshield3655d ago

i dont think they're that stupid

lloyd_wonder3655d ago

errm...that's shipped to retailers....

MS will probably have a lot of stock left over after the holidays.

Probably 2 million 360's left over.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3655d ago

That's a mistake the '* Half-Life 3? 360's answer to killzone 2'
It should say -

'* The xBox 360 will have 'No-Life' next year'!!! ;-D

theKiller3654d ago

LOL thats was funny! no life next year, i agree, that will happen as soon as ps3 drop to 299!

tehReaper3654d ago

Okay, so now install base is "shipped to retailers", now? Whatever. Fanboys need to stop spinning the 360's sales. Just accept that the 360 is going to surpass it's original console very soon, and that's not saying much.

Why are you worried, anyway? PS2 is still going strong. That says something by itself.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3654d ago

It is 299.......Pounds!!! ;-D
WOW!!! If it was £199 pounds now??? I'd get another one!!! ;-D
(PS3 that is) ;)

xBox 360 = NO-Life for POND-Life!!! ;-D

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