Achievements: Grand Theft Auto IV (PC)

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.

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Charmers3684d ago

Ok I am a bit confused here. How is listing all the Xbox360 achievements on an xbox360 website suddenly PC news ? I don't doubt that the PC will have exactly the same achievements as the 360 as far as I am aware the PS3 trophies are the same "tasks". I just can't understand why this is PC news ?

Fux4Bux3684d ago

Stupid. Delete this. Even if the PC version has achievements they're obviously the same and no one gives a fck.

gauravraw3684d ago

I played the game on my PS3, with no AA and not-so-great framerate. This one coming to PC actually made me sell my copy and wait before the second play. Will play it now with better textures and framerate (maybe no AA as the requirements are quite high).

One of R*'s officials has already said that PC version of GTA IV will be the best version available (duh!). But still I want the next game to appear on consoles first, this way they get to make money which ends up in creating a game like that.

M also keeping my fingers crossed for the exclusive Xbox 360 DLC content to appear for Windows. Microsoft could make it as Vista exclusive or something. Let's see.

Charmers3684d ago

I wouldn't hold my breath for the exclusive DLC to appear on any platform except the xbox 360. In fact Rob Nelson (producer in charge of the PC version) was asked about the DLC for the PC version and this was his response :-

"The downloadable content is exclusive to the Xbox 360,"

source :-

It is possible the PC might get the same DLC that the PS3 is getting, but as for the "exclusive" stuff that is 360 only by the looks of it.

360 is fer gayzzz3684d ago

only 3 comments cus no one cares about PC games any more!

This will sell 2 copies if rockstar are lucky!

And the game f*cking sucks anyway so it not like any of you PC n00bs should be looking forward to this turd anyway or maybe you are since its about all you have except crysis!


snipermk03683d ago

You're such a console noob. The PC is the base for video-gaming. And PC gamers have a lot more games than you can shake a stick at. And with much better quality.

- Fallout 3 : Better than the 36-turd or the pee us 3 versions
- Left 4 Dead: Its valve and it belongs on the PC
- Crysis Warhead: hahahaha.. you can't even dream of having this on your stupid console.

- WoW: Wrath of the Lich king.. WoW has more subscribers than the total number of 360s and PS3 sales put together.

- Cod: Waw.. Its a shooter and it works best on the PC.
- Far Cry 2: Looks much better than either of the console versions.

So, I suggest you watch out before you spit sh!t.

Charmers3684d ago

There are only three comments because people like you have driven PC gamers and normal sane people away from this site. If you were not so blinkered you would know there is massive anticipation for the PC version of the game and it's IMPROVEMENTS.

I know I am looking forward to the PC version even though I bought a console just to play this one game. I have since binned my console and I am looking forward to the superior PC version of the game.

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