eBay Losing Gamers who Sell ?

A tale of a gamer trying to sell games on eBay that ends with many hurdles and the stack of games still unsold. Forced shipping rates you must charge, new seller ratings holding a person back, complete crap customer service, is it time to let go of using eBay?

Binge Gamer writes: I have had a recent problem when trying to sell something on eBay, that followed up sitting so negatively with me that I have considered just not using the service anymore (I have been a member since '98 mind you). I felt for the first time that eBay might have lost touch with the common man and just go to those people who live their life selling stuff on eBay…. what it seems after venting about this issue, I'm just late to the party on this.

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The Matrix3679d ago

Paypal will rip you off. I got hundreds of dollars stolen from my account. And the best part? Paypal doesn't have a human phone line because they know you're gonna get your money stolen and they don't want to have to deal with it.

Panthers3678d ago

Last time I used eBay was when someone contested a payment and got their money back even after I delivered the item. I was the idiot who didnt get the shipping code or something but I dont do it much at all (26 times total) so I didnt think about it. Still, I havent sold anything on eBay since.

Lifendz3678d ago

by saying that I only sell my games on Ebay and never at GS. Why? Because I get like double my money by selling on Ebay. I mean yeah, I'm sure some of you will have bad luck but isn't that true with almost any retailer? Best buy was selling empty boxes to people a year ago. Some people buy used systems that just don't work from GS. But Ebay, for the most part, and it's feedback system has been great imo. And I've had some bad experiences too.

truewittness3679d ago

i was a reseller and i sold on ebay. but i stopped because they jacked the prices up. insertion fee was $1 now it's $.35. they act like they are doing you good. but the final credit fee was like $2.85, now it's $6.50 for each game you sell. also paypal, if the buyer doesn't have a confirmed address and even if you have a tracking number with the item you send out and they say "they didn't receive anything", they refund the buyer the money, even if the tracking number says it was delivered to the correct address. sorry but i'm done with ebay.

aznguyen3163679d ago

I agree with this, I resell a lot of games on eBay b/c I buy a lot. This was the best way to get most of my money back without it going to gamestop. Now Final value fees are horrible for games even if insertion fees are lowered. waste. I also feel eBay is now trying to limit the power sellers of gamers but in turn really screws the regular people who use ebay to get rid of their junk for treasure.

DA_SHREDDER3678d ago is the way to go for everything anymore.

paul-p19883678d ago

or I use it all the time to sell my games/dvds, never had a single problem. I bought 5 things and sold 1 thing on ebay, and had problems with 4 of those.......

sold 27 games/dvds on play, not had a problem with any :)

Cynical-Gamerzus3678d ago

I have dumped Ebay personally and this story is just part of the BS going on there as of late!!
Ebay has become a corporate business and treat you like an employee if your selling anything!!
They are no longer an Auction place and this is terrifying cause it make seller completely at the mercy of EBAY!!!
They basically are your boss and you sell for them PERIOD!! Whatever you SELL IS THEIRS basically...
They Screwed me over as a seller.
I sell electronics for people and some people buy then steal parts! then return to me ,some buy and complain cause they want brand new !!
EBAY says their right !! Im wrong pay them back !!!I say go to AMAZON!!!!

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