GRAW 2 to miss European PS3 launch

In their latest schedule, Ubisoft yesterday revealed that the release date for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Advanced Warfighter 2 on PS3 has been changed from 23rd March to "Spring".

GRAW2's release date on other platforms (including Xbox 360) remains unchanged and no official word has been given on why the PS3 version has slipped.

Ubisoft's other PS3 Euro launch titles – Splinter Cell: Double Agent, Oblivion, Rainbow Six Vegas and Blazing Angels – all remain confirmed for the end of March.

PSU will be getting in contact with Ubisoft to ascertain why they've delayed GRAW2 for PlayStation 3.

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bilal4308d ago

i thought that ps3 would not get this version of graw, but good to hear thst it is still coming

TheMART4308d ago

THis is old news.

Actually I read somewhere the PS3 gets it in fall, about a half year after 360/PC.

Sony fanboys then say: it will look better and optimal programmed. Sorry to tell you we've heard that on FNR3 and other games also. Still they look better on the 360. It's just because the PS3 is very hard to program to get the same result as on the 360

DC RID3R4308d ago

Johnny Cochran (R.I.P): "That do's not make sense!"