Edge: Mega Man 9 Review

Edge writes: "Mega Man could be described as 'versatile.' This is a character that has appeared in over 120 games that range over go-karts, football, fighters, board games, strategy, and even the odd platformer for old times' sake. It's not small beer: Mega Man is responsible for more of Capcom's income than Resident Evil and Street Fighter combined".

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Smacktard3654d ago

Edge is such a piece of trash. I enjoyed Megaman 9 more than any other Megaman game ever. God, why is Edge magazine such a piece of crap? Why can't they enjoy anything that's not an FPS?

mirroredderorrim3654d ago

LOL. F'k Edge.

I bet they got nerve wrecked trying to beat this game. It's pretty hard, I will admit.

It's probably harder than most of the older ones.


buckethead_X3654d ago

"This game is too much like an old game.


Not reading any more Edge reviews.

The Mikester3654d ago

i agree with buckethead.
they make this game to be like an old game but really hard to beat.
this review is lame