Destructoid Review: Call of Duty: World at War

Destructoid writes: "Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare is easily my most played game of 2007. It was, in fact, the title that made me truly care about online gaming, thanks to its fast-paced "meat grinder" style of play and fantastic promotion system. It was one of the biggest releases of its year, critically acclaimed and popular enough to knock Halo 3 from the top spot of Xbox Live's most played titles.

Infinity Ward had done an excellent job with a game that not only provided addictive multiplayer, but an engaging and sometimes shocking single player campaign that truly distinguished it from other war shooters. Imagine the dismay of gamers everywhere then, when it looked like Treyarch was going to play it safe and set the follow up title back in World War II".

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Cwalat3680d ago


i lold...

The game is the best WWII game out there...
atleast an 8 for that alone, plus the deep multiplayer... LOVELY..
the only bad thing i could find was this:

-no saving in Coop, so you play for an hour or two.. then if you leave... have to start over..
-splitscreen coop, worse splitscreen choice in history of gaming... smaller screens put on the upper left corner and one on the lower right corner...
-graphics dumbed down (ALOT) in splitscreen, making it look like a PS2 port

those are -4

The Matrix3680d ago

Review places that give surprisingly low reviews for games that are decent lose my respect quick. It's like 1 person reviewed that game and lost at multiplayer so they have it a low review. How else can you explain it?

BattleAxe3680d ago

Ridiculous score for this game. This is easily the best WW2 game ever made and also the best online gaming experience ever for a WW2 game.

Its exactly the same as CoD4, so I don't get how you can say its not as good. The single player campaign was awesome aswell. The same fast paced heart pumping action we saw in CoD4 only in a different time in history with different weapons.

Socom3680d ago

Read mu user review on World at war and why the game is worth at least a 8. A 6/10 is BS is pretty harsh.

After rereviewing the game, I would give the game an 8.5 after spending the weekend with it.
It does have lots of extras that are cool (like zombie mode) and it does have an addictive multi player experience even though some of the maps suck bad.

I had a bunch of issues with the game (like the horrible voice overs and the effects sounds – damn artillery effect sound, interestingly, I watched the beta and interestingly they didn’t had the horrible effect sound for artillery. It must have been a last minute addition).

If they fix those shiat, like include camos, additional zombie player survival levels, fix some of the online shiat, I would give it a 9.4.
The single player is horrible though.

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Silogon3680d ago

I gave it a 4 on my site... but yeah, it's pretty bad. But so was COD4.

Magic_The_Celt3680d ago

oh dear god i didnt think you could do it but you did it you just sunk lower


you sir have no reason to be reviewing games

The Matrix3680d ago (Edited 3680d ago )

Any reason why you think you have 2 bubbles?

CoD 4 and CoD WaW both awesome games. Give bubbles if you agree lol.

Are_The_MaDNess3680d ago

Silogon STFU
CoD WAW is a great game
and the MP is like 95% CoD4 but in WWII
but its still great

Dmack793680d ago

with this reviewer. He completely sucks at the campaign, so he takes points off. He thinks the multiplayer is too similar to CoD4 so he takes points off. He even compares it to gears of war 2, which he should not be doing, since they are completey different games.

And he just doesn't seem to like WW2 in general so he takes more points off. This destructiod reviewer should be fired. Honestly, CoD: WaW is at least a 9/10 of not a 10/10.

Magic_The_Celt3680d ago

Yep and i couldnt agree more with you


ape0073680d ago

man,if he liked 4,he'll sure like waw

I think WAW is the surprise of the year

well done treyarch

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