TGR Roundtable: What's Next for the Zelda Franchise?

TGR staff take a look at Nintendo's classic franchise, and discuss the sort of change they think it could use.

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Gue13654d ago

I hope for something not too casual

StephanieBBB3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

And that they hold it off untill we can atleast get it in HD. My 50 Inch TV cries when I play in SD.

HighDefinition3654d ago

But, I would love to see a PS3 exclusive Zelda, that looks as good as KZ2 or HeavyRain.

I fear that because Nintendo is going the way their going, I`m never gonna see a NEXT GEN Zelda game, ever again.

ape0073654d ago

"ever again"

there wasn't any HD zelda game before

btw,don't worry,nintendo will someday do a next gen zelda

but let them remember us first

HighDefinition3654d ago

I hope your right.

I really do.

Smacktard3654d ago

Next-gen visuals don;t make a game. Why do people always forget that? When we first saw screenshots of the Link and Ganondorf sword fight way back in... hell, was it 2002ish? It looked AMAZING!

Then we got Twilight Princess, and it played... well...

AAACE53654d ago

I hope they make a Zelda game that I actually want to play! I bought a Wii primarily to play Zelda Twilight Princess, and when I finally got around to buying the game... I just didn't feel like playing it! I played it for about an hour and never touched it again.... What a waste!

@HD... I understand how you feel, but my opinion slightly differs from yours. I wanted a Zelda game on the 360! I don't know... 360's main color focus is green... Zelda games focus alot on green... seemed like a good match up to me! Plus, I hoped that when nintendo looked like they would have to do something drastic like Sega had to, and stop making home consoles and put their games on other systems!

Doesn't matter though... Zelda may probably never cater to the hardcore Zelda fans again!

Smacktard3654d ago

Since when did it seem Nintendo was gonna pull a Sega? Though they sold less Gamecubes than Microsoft did Xboxes last gen, they pulled a profit while Microsoft didn't.

Also, I seem to remember Miyamato or Iwata or someone saying that, the day Nintendo stops making consoles is the day they quit the video game business for good. So good luck with that.

Marceles3654d ago

"2.3 -
Next-gen visuals don;t make a game. Why do people always forget that? When we first saw screenshots of the Link and Ganondorf sword fight way back in... hell, was it 2002ish? It looked AMAZING!

Then we got Twilight Princess, and it played... well..."

That's because those screens were released around when the Gamecube was announced and yes..they were amazing, but then we were given Wind Waker instead...then when we finally got the game with identical visuals from the screens you mentioned, we had already seen games that destroy anything on Gamecube visually. To sum it all up, Twilight Princess didn't have next-gen visuals. It had better visuals than it's predecessors but by the time it was released, there wasn't anything jaw-dropping about it. Mostly Nintendo left it up to the consumer to try to figure out if the game looked better on the Wii, which by the time it came out, many found out it's the same game graphically just mirrored.

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ape0073654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

they should make it 100% next gen epicness,can you imagine how amazing graphics and humor,considering that zelda's ART DIRECTION is simply phenomenal

and put more difficulty to it,cause I heard many says that TP was easy

am not that big zelda fan,I admit it but no one can deny its print,name and quality in gaming

nintendo please,DON'T MESS IT UP or you'll lose all of your remaining reputation,please.
I have a strong feeling that it will be more easy,cause nintendo wants it to accessible to the casual crowd

F*** casual games

gametheory3654d ago

As much as we love Zelda, there's never gonna be a next-gen zelda, because by the time a supposedly next-gen zelda arrives by today's standards, it won't be next-gen anymore. Nintendo has thrown the towel and decided they're not gonna raise the bar anymore in terms technology. We're probably gonna see a Zelda looking as good as Killzone in 10 years, but in 10 years we're gonna be playing with Crysis 4 graphics (now imagine that) on our PCs.

Gue13654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

@gametheory you almost make me cry with your comment. ;-(
you shouldn't play with people's feelings!

I'm just remembering when Zelda OOT came. It got the best visuals for its time, the gameplay was top notch! Everything was perfect! Then Majoras came and that was another amazing Zelda game. Then was the time for Windwalker, at first I got my doubts but it was another amazing tittle. Then we waited for the next Zelda and it came as a double release for the Cube and Wii, the game tried to fallow the footsteps of Zelda OOT but failed miserably. The Wii transformed into a casual machine and my hate for the Big N started.

very sad ending. ;-(

ape0073654d ago

omg man,you just imagined the situation like nobody else

man you gave me an ereii,scary feeling man,just like you saw the future

let me tell you,your brain is a golden one,just write more comments like this that makes perfect sence,this site need guys like you,this site is full of fanboys,let's give a better image about gaming.

gametheory3654d ago

And we need more people like you ape, who are true gamers =)

Anyway, let's just hope I'm wrong.

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italianbreadman3654d ago

THe series needs a change, because it's becoming stale.

cain1413654d ago

(crosses fingers) No Cell Shading Please...

ChickeyCantor3654d ago

I do hope it is Cell shaded, The artsyle in Windwaker was freaking awesome.
But you will disagree and say it's kiddy...>_>..
Anyone who finished knows how epic Windwaker is...stil is!

gametheory3654d ago

But it was too short. I mean seriously, I was expecting another 8 dungeons in the submerged Hyrule. Instead I only got disappointment. The final battle was a joke too. And I would have rather had Twilight Princess instead of WW. Besides, WindWaker goes more hand in hand with the Wii... "Kiddy" graphics style, casual oriented and using the Wiimote to move the Wind Waker makes sense.

Had Twilight Princess come out on Gamecube instead of Wind Waker (well, on the year WW came out), I have no doubt that the gamecube would have outsold the first Xbox. Instead they shat on gamers as Nintendo loves to do.

ChickeyCantor3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

yes i was expecting 8 too,
But even then, the whole setting was just great.
The whole mood was just amazing.

And you say they shat on gamers,
But i don't think they did that.
Gamers werent open to the looks, and therefor missed a great game.
Nintendo delivered a great Zelda experience.
They didn't shat on anyone.

I think WW is better than TP.

Cenobia3654d ago (Edited 3654d ago )

I actually hope they do cell shaded. I didn't like the look of Twilight at all. It was very dark (from what I've seen, I haven't played it yet). I'd prefer the wind waker style. It's brighter and more cheerful, and the game could be bigger/more varied if they didn't push the graphics. I'd rather have a longer, more stylized game.

Hopefully they remove the whole sailing element though. That got pretty boring. Also, Epona definitley needs to be in the game.

kesvalk3654d ago

i have a completely diferent opinion of you guys, i just loved the art srtyle of TP, i want it even more dark, with a depper story, and without the save the dansel in distress...

in fact, i would love a multiplayer game, like crystal chronicles or monster hunter (party of 4, cooperatvely trying to finish the game) with lots of side quests, a real leveling system (i am a grind whore) and great character customization...

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