Find a good time with 'I Spy' on the Wii (USA Today Review)

In Ultimate I Spy, you discover a mysterious futuristic machine that houses the 10 interesting locations for the puzzles, including a fish tank, outer space and a city made of paper. Each location has four riddles that send you hunting for objects. The machine will also send you on a scavenger hunt to find eight objects within the 10 locations, which then opens one last game.

Ultimate I Spy is a good addition to a Wii library of games for kids who like the I Spy books. But these puzzles are harder than those found in books because of the immersive 3-D environments. Because they are challenging, they are best played by kids who like contemplative, visual puzzles, and may not be as good a fit for kids who want a lot of action.

However, the addition of the minigames will broaden this game's appeal to a wider audience than just puzzle-lovers.

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