Electronic Theatre In-depth Review: Fracture

The premise of Fracture itself is where the attention has come from, and here it seems as though it is warranted. The player is giving the ability to manipulate the very ground you walk on; creating craters or small hills. The Terrain Deformation principle itself, given a little thought, is an incredibly empowering ideal for videogames, and throughout it's demonstration Fracture has been seen to offer some interesting uses for the capability...

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shadowghost7523652d ago

it's a shame really this game could have been really good, instead it was a linear third person shooter with a gimmicky land manipulation gun

altredeemer3652d ago

Yeah man, exactly. I found it pretty limited and REALLY boring...

joebahrjoebahr3652d ago (Edited 3652d ago )

develpoment was ps3

im lying, i dont know who it was.
plays liek it was 3DO

kevco333651d ago

Why does everybody knock the 3D0? I've got one, and it's not at all bad...

Mind you, I only paid a fiver for it, about twelve years after it died.