"Top 10 Games I Wish I Had Beaten"

Stuttering Craig writes:

"We've all played games we haven't had a chance to beat for some reason, Jglaubman runs down the ones he wishes he could add to his tally. What's number 1? You'll be amazed."

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Danieru sho3656d ago

What can i say, am a student, sch gets ruff!

Marceles3656d ago

sigh...I could go into a long rant on this but I'll stop here, there's alot of good games he's missed out on. That's all I'll say...

Never mind I can't hold it in...the only Zelda he's beaten is Twilight Princess? He didn't beat Link to the Past or even Ocarina of Time? n00b. Didn't beat Super Mario 1, 2, or 3? n00b. At least beat 3...the best selling game of all time. Only played GTA4? FAIL. Mario Golf? who cares but whatever..not beating Metal Gear is that much of a big deal since I know many people that haven't ever been interested in the series, but it's still an epic game. Not beating Super Metroid? n00b...that's the best one in the series. Other than Castlevania SOTN I would say Super Metroid is the best 2D action adventure game of all-time. Looking back on it that's a good list because if the best game on the list was Mario Golf then it wouldn't have been worth posting.

Socom3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

well over 15 years old.

Some games dont age that well ok. By todays standards, games like Super mario bros 3 are ancient and just a joke.

While the game was good way back on the NES, does not mean that younger people should pick up these relics with ancient sprite based games. And while you laugh at him, I can do the same to you.

Who the hell misses out on the Tekkens, Xenogears, the Suikodens, the star oceans, the Final Fantasies, the Metal gears and the Resident evils?

Also Zelda is a good game. But once you played one of them, you pretty much played all of them. I havent touched Zelda in 6 years. After Ocarina of Time, I pretty much knew they were just leeching out the same story and experience, over and over again.

And you know why Twilight Princess got away with it? Because 90% of these so called "reviewers" didnt grow up with A Link to the Past. They grew up with Windwaker.

hay3656d ago

@2.1: Only half of the games he mentioned are 15+. New generation of gamers in most cases won't get hooked by oldies. Those are well established titles, legends of gaming but not everyone who likes music will like Tchaikovsky or Chopin.
It's funny when he mentioned FF Series but it's really hard to find someone who played all of them.

JoySticksFTW3656d ago

ummm, ok...

How's life on Bizarro World?

Marceles3656d ago

"And while you laugh at him, I can do the same to you.

Who the hell misses out on the Tekkens, Xenogears, the Suikodens, the star oceans, the Final Fantasies, the Metal gears and the Resident evils?

lol you can't because I've beaten them all. There's preference and then there's total classics that pretty much take gaming to the next level. I tried to at least leave out the mature games like RE4, Metal Gear, and Bioshock because I do know people that aren't into it those games and I know people that haven't beaten Bioshock since it was released at a time where everything was an FPS and they were sick of the genre. Maybe it's because I'm 25 and my friends grew up on NES so they've beaten a Mario Game, they've beaten Link to the Past which I'll say is my favorite one and pretty much set the formula for all the ones after it. Thats stupid to say SMB3 was a joke, maybe it's not your preference, but maybe you're too young to remember how big that game was when it came out. In movie comparisons it's like you're saying Citizen Kane sucked but the Dark Knight is the greatest movie of all time.

Let's take the Devil May Cry series for example..imagine him saying the DMC series sucked but at least he beat DMC2, wouldn't you be dissapointed by his statement because that was the worst one in the series? He missed out on 1 and 3...he's only beaten Twilight Princess which I'll agree is recycled, and he's only played GTA4..the most boring GTA out of 3, Vice City, and San Andreas. He's just missing out on everything...

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dragunrising3656d ago

Also, his list of unbeaten games...very eclectic.

fury3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

this guy didn't beat FF7 and MGS?

what a can you NOT beat those games. they got me hooked up like no other games in my entire life.

-GametimeUK-3656d ago

My list

Metroid Prime 1 - I live it... amazing game... immersive environment... one day I stopped playing and I was really far and I ended up losing my memory card anyway... I will beat this one

Twilight Princess - Loved it but once again stopped playing and ended up getting a 360 and PS3... Very sad indeed

GTA4 - Okay I thought to myself "Gametime... you have wasted enough of your life not playing this game just complete it already" Sadly I started playing again and my PS3 hard drive wiped (including the save file)... I was soooo close to the end... But now I can run through and get trophies too

Majoras Mask - I almost didnt finish OOT after being stuck for a YEAR in the water temple... But I finished it and started playing MM and got stuck where you get the zora mask... I fail

Kingdom Hearts - I got pwned by a giant demon boss thing and quit playing... I went back to finish it and cant find the game lol WHERE IS IT?

Eternal Darkness - I have this game for GC and have NEVER played it

Resi 1 remake - 2 scared to play it

RFOM - The campaign just bores me to be honest

cant think of any more I want to go back and beat now lol

Gue13656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

well at least your list is filled with crap. only prime 1 deserves the time to be played again to beat it. that is one of my favorite games ever! look for a Wii or a Cube to play that masterpiece!

js_mac3656d ago

Ha, gametime, I have eternal darkness and have never played it either. I have also never played metroid prime 1 and 2, zelda 1, 2, LTTP and majora's mask - even though I own them all.

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