LittleBigPlanet Sales Not That Great? No [email protected]#$


"I know some fanboys will read the headline and expect this article to totally slam the PS3 and Little Big Planet, and they will likely start posting hateful comments before even reading what this is about. Great. You are only making your fanboyism more apparent and showing the community what a massive dickface you are, so I welcome that.

What this article is actually about is in defense of Little Big Planet (or is it LittleBigPlanet, one word?). You see, a lot of websites (that I won't mention because they don't deserve the promotion) have been commenting on Little Big Planet's sales and making the fantastically brilliant analysis that the game's delay may have affected its numbers. More specifically, its October sales numbers in particular are not as high as they could have been because the release date was pushed back."

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Twizlex3656d ago

Wow, that logic is so simple. Why didn't anyone realize this already?

TheHater3656d ago

they do, but they are just trying to get hits on their sites.

Twizlex3656d ago

That's funny, but on some level that's why the sites exist. It's one of those "no press is bad press" things. They just want visitors to their site, even if people only go there to argue with them. At least ripten occasionally writes funny stuff.

Twizlex3656d ago

Yeah, fanboys are pretty sad individuals, but as long as they are 15 or less, I can chalk it up to them being too young to have developed logic yet. Anyone older than that is just a retard.

SRU96003656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Wow, that author is one angry guy.

You need to calm down, sparky. Life is too short to get that worked up over video games.

Twizlex3656d ago

Some people get angry so that we don't have to ourselves. That, or their anger is so palpable that you get angry yourself, and you end up with an angry mob. Fun stuff, lol.

Milky3656d ago

I really like this writer.

godofthunder103656d ago

I'm tired of hearing that it's sony fault that LBP wasn't a big hit because they didn't promote it.One ps3 fan said it will be game of the year and that's a joke.I've seen LBP commercials,posters in video game store,also in best but,circuit city,wallmart,and target.The fact is that LBP just wasn't a game that the majority of gamers want,ps3 fans want admit it but LBP is a kids game.If it was on the wii it would have sold a lot more.Some people are even saying that LBP didn't sell well because of the delay.They need to ask their selfs how many games that was delayed was in the top seller list when it first came out.

The fact is that if LBP was on the 360 the ps3 fanboy would disagree with ever thing they are saying now and they would call it a kids game to because it is.On the other hand the 360 fanboys would be saying the same thing ps3 fanboys are saying now.The fact is that fanboys from both systems would make up an excuse if something isn't that good on the system they have and it's childish.The problem is that fanboys from both sided want give credit where credit is due to each system.They also will agree with positive articles for their system and disagree with ever negative article about their system even if it's true.On the other hands fanboys will disagree with a positive article about the other system and agree with ever negative article about the other system.They will also call the person names and a fanboy of the other system just because he wrote an article that was negative to the system they haves even if it was a fact.For exsample,the ps3 fanboys called the new avatar on the 360 dashboard childish looking and they are right but LBP has the same kind of avatars and they say it isn't.The fact is that they can't have it both ways,it's childish or it isn't.

The fact is that LBP is just a disappointing game for sony.Fanboys of the ps3 are acting like it's every one fault that LBP isn't selling well.The fact is that it's the game fault and no one else.Like i said before,LBP isn't a game that the majority want.As a matter of fact it's the kind of game that a child likes to play.I'm not a fanboy of any system.I'll admitt that the avatar on the 360 new dash board is childish.Don't get me wrong the new dash board look like it will be damn good but the avatar is childish.

bomboclaat_gamer3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

the writer of this article is complaining about fanboys, when he is an annoying fanboy himself. name calling that wasnt needed, swearing, what kinda crap is this.

the author is definitely a dirty greasy fanboy. period. one thing he forgot to notice........its just a frikkin game. oh my god, i think someone needs a life.

Saigon3656d ago

he complained that sony didnt market this game...but I see ads for this game everytime i turn on the matter which channel...

poopface13656d ago

but when you write an article about sales calling everyone a fanboy, it makes you look worse than anyone else. Sounds to me like this guy is bitter cause LBP didnt sell like he was hoping. I dont think it did badly, but its obvious that ALOT of people(Like the person who wrote this article) were hoping for better sales. Im sure it will keep sellings throughout the holidays. I dont think sales matter as long as you can get the game and enjoy it yourself.

Mainman3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

@ godofthunder10

I got LBP, I love the game. But I do think LBP is a kids game, but I dont care, I still like it.

I actually never expected to like this game myself. I bought because occasionally my little nephews come over, and thought they might love it. Well, to my suprise, I loved this game too and LBP is taking alot of my time.

But seriously though. LBP sales are allright, considering it is a new IP. The first impression of the game for alot of people including me is, you think you probably wont like the game. But if you hear people saying how great the game is, you will at least try it. And I think most people that try it will love it.

Hell, I didnt expect to like this game, but after trying it, I loved it. The game really rocks.

Twizlex3656d ago

I'm surprised by how stupid some of you people are...

I really shouldn't be because it's like this every day, but I still find it surprising sometimes how many people completely miss the point.

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Twizlex3656d ago

LOL, someone is reporting this story and saying that LittleBigPlanet sold well in the UK, like that has anything to do with what this article is about.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Just wait for THIS Months 'LBP' Sales!!!;)

POOR xBot Zombie Cavemen Retarded Lemmings on this, think it isn't going to sell!!! ;-D KEEP DREAMING!!!

+ Not sure if i have said this before ;-D
(there never seems to be any Articles on this about it???)
but POOR Micro$oft's CHEAPER 'xBox 360' for the last 2 Months in a row, STILL??? can't beat the More EXPENSIVE 'Wii' in the U.S.of.A???

COME ON SOMEONE!!! Do a Article on 'N4(M$)' saying -

"Micro$oft's 'xBox 360' has FAILED to outsell the More Expensive 'Wii' in the U.S.of.A for the Last 2 Months"

Is that not a Failure??? Hmm... ;)

360 man3656d ago

jus like there was never an article showing us mgs4 native 1024 * 768 resolution

CyberSentinel3656d ago (Edited 3656d ago )

Excuses, excuses, excuses. $$$ale$$$ talk, and Dan Landis's BS walks.
SONY put LBP up against Fable 2, and they FAILED miserably. Period. End of story. The difference between me and you Dan Landis, is I'm not afraid to admit I'm a fanboy. I find supporting a company that "I" feel is meeting my gaming needs(for THIS gen), nothing to be ashamed of.

What will be your excuse be when we have R2/GoW2 numbers? SONY decided to put those titles up against Microsoft's best within a week of each other, and because they didn't do as well as Microsoft's exclusives, you hate. You Dan Landis, are a fanboy, and the worst kind. Your a closet, fake, wannabe appear to be neutral poser.


Fable 2

almost 1.5 million and Fable 2 IS NOT EVEN RELEASED IN JAPAN YET!

"So all these idiots pretending to be analysts need to just stop writing. If you want to talk about sales data, at least be logical about it… or don’t." -Dan Landis

There is your data, lemming. Keep making excuses.

@14: Bubbles for speaking truth.

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jack who3656d ago

The PS3 has only 17 games that have to date sold over a million copies (Xbox 360 has 47)


TheHater3656d ago

ok, and I don't see what your comment had to do with LittleBigPlanet?

PS3Freak3656d ago

all i can say is, GOTY 2008!! i literally played this game for 2 days straight. The possabilities for this game are endless. People will always play it and therefore always make new levels. Guess what, as people make these levels they will only get BETTER, AND BETTER. Therefore this game will never die and i will probably never stop playing it. EVERYONE should buy this game. P.S Sony did not pay me for this statement.

prunchess3656d ago

But it will be getting bought in December along with resistance 2 for Christmas. There will definitely be a spike in sales by then.

Things are tight at the moment for a lot of people, games will be bought at certain times due to this.

himdeel3655d ago (Edited 3655d ago )

...I too do not currently have LBP but I will be purchasing it at the end of the month. With there being so many PS3 exclusives I can buy one game every month for the next couple of months and have plenty to play. It's a great time for gaming and I as well as my wife really fell in love with LBP during the beta, unfortunately the economy isn't conducive to our love affair at the moment.

JewyMcJew3656d ago

Sony, your ads are terrible!!!

Sony, show off the creation tools! Parents will get excited.