Left 4 Dead Lost Boss Concept


"Randdalf was searching within the game's .vpk files under materials/vgui and found concept arts of every boss infected in the game, including some never seen before which are pictured below. The first is the familiar Witch. The second is a mysterious boss called the 'Screamer'.

Again we have no idea if this was a scrapped or not yet implemented boss, but maybe we'll get more information in the developer commentaries."

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Spike473679d ago

Valve added this to the horde of zombies, I think its an example of the rest of the game. It's just another shootting zombies game but it has online co-op and such. It does something that makes the game worth playing after a single player campaign that may leave you wanting something completely different from a zombie game.

Valve was smart with this one, I just wonder if it will be enough.

EyeShield 213678d ago

I think it will be. But with Re5 coming We gon have to wait and see.

Im off to another thread with my MAX SPEED!!!!!

EyeShield 213678d ago

Woah that Ninjatown Ad was Pretty Boring

on topic: I really want to play this game.

Im off to another thread with my MAX SPEED!!!!

JonahFalcon3678d ago

The Screamer probably deafened the survivors so they couldn't hear anything. Maybe stunned them, too.

Maybe it's being reserved for DLC.

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